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Keeping Cool this Summer...Without Breaking the Bank

As we swelter in the Florida summer the question is often asked: can I cut my electric bill by running the air conditioner less and using fans instead? The answer is yes, but it’s not as simple as just turning off the air conditioner and turning on the fans. If you want to cut down on your energy costs, it will take some planning, especially since the temperatures will be firmly in the 90's for the next few months. AC units use a lot of... [Continue Reading]

When Is it Time to Clean Your Gutters

As a homeowner, it may sometimes feel like your work is never done. But between that noise the AC is making and the living document that is your honey-do list, it can be easy to forget how important your gutters are to the health and life of your home. But these, too, require a bit of elbow grease from time to time -- after all, they're not just there for decoration. Your gutter system serves the vital purpose of routing rainwater from the roof away... [Continue Reading]

The Benefits of Selling Property at an Auction

Selling a piece of commercial or residential property at an auction may seem a little outdated, but that is in part because there are many misconceptions regarding this procedure. Selling property at an auction is easy and effective, and often beneficial cost-wise. In fact, selling property at auction can result in a faster sale and can increase the interest level in the property itself, which are two things often not found on the open market. Auctions... [Continue Reading]

Innovative windows: top 3 options

In house design, being transparent is not always an advantage. The humble window is the perfect example, often relegated to a secondary role both when it comes to making decisions about home improvements and looking at the various elements of a new house. Yet windows can be one of the most crucial parts of a house, influencing the quantity and quality of natural light as well as the temperature and energy requirements. To help you understand what a... [Continue Reading]

Why You Need These Handymen's Numbers Saved In Your Phone Book

It’s impossible to prevent accidents from occurring, especially around the home. When they do happen, we can get into such a flap about things; it can be tricky to think straight. One of the easiest ways to calm down during one of these situations is to have handymen’s phone numbers saved in your cell phone. That way you cut out all the hassle of looking one up online. Having a handyman’s phone number at hand all the time helps you... [Continue Reading]

Do's And Don'ts Of Building A House

Designing and building your ideal home is a fantastic opportunity. Instead of buying a new or used home, you can create somewhere that has the space, style and comfort that you require. It also allows you to incorporate certain materials such as glass or wood and create a practical layout. But it requires dedication, hard work and time to complete. Before you get started on building the house you’ve always dreamed of, read through these vital... [Continue Reading]

Help! My Basement Keeps Flooding

When your water table is higher than the level of your basement, it essentially means that your basement is surrounded by water trapped in the earth. Left for long enough and without the necessary protective measures, your basement is bound to “absorb” some of this water. And when it rains heavily, your ground water level will rise, resulting in an increased likelihood of your basement becoming flooded. Rainier climates can see the risk... [Continue Reading]

4 DIY home improvements with long-lasting effects

The UK housebuilding market might be enjoying a slow growth but homeowners are more and more reluctant to spare budgets for expensive home remodelling. Home improvement doesn’t have to be all about lavish property projects and complete home overhauls though. Most of the time, it’s actually the little things that can make a big difference and help you attract prospective buyers when the time comes to sell your property.... [Continue Reading]

What To Do If You're Locked Out Of Your Home!

Image Source Getting locked out happens to everybody once in their lifetime. It’s very annoying, embarrassing, and can be dangerous if appliances have been left on, or a baby is stuck inside. A lot of people leave their keys inside the home, or perhaps something has become trapped in the door. Here’s what people should do if they do get locked out. Check the gate After getting locked out, the best thing to do is to wait in the back... [Continue Reading]

Help! My Roof Is Leaking!

Picture by Wikipedia So, it’s raining pretty hard, and you’ve found that the roof is leaking right?! You might not find it to be a massive problem just yet, but it could be if you don’t do anything about it. There are all sorts of reasons why your roof might be leaking, and it’s not always easy to diagnose the cause yourself. Some of these issues are potentially quite costly while others aren’t so much. Unfortunately,... [Continue Reading]

Options for Outdoor Seating in Restaurants

Restaurant owners who have taken the plunge to include outside eating spaces are seeing big payoffs from their investments. An article featuring various restaurant owners and managers across New Jersey showed that the restaurants had experienced an increase in sales within a short period of setting up the outdoor spaces. One restaurant in particular saw an increase in 10% within a month of setting up. Setting up outdoor seating for restaurants is... [Continue Reading]

Water Heaters 101

If I thought long and hard about all of the things I take for granted, hot showers would certainly be among them. Even in the heat of summer, I religiously enjoy at least one hot shower a day. These hot showers wouldn’t be possible without an under-rated fixture of the modern home: the water heater. You've probably got a tank hiding out in a closet somewhere, and I'm sure you're familiar with the basic premise. But there is actually quite a... [Continue Reading]

Avoid Accidents at Work with Racking Protection

If you work in a building that contains warehouse facilities, then you know that you have countless tall racks lined up end to end. These racks no doubt contain many heavy and often valuable objects, and if they were to fall or become damaged, the toll could be immense. This is why it is essential that you guard these racks against any sort of foreseeable accident. To effectively prevent these sorts of accidents, your company needs to invest in the top... [Continue Reading]

Top 5 Reasons People Choose New Over Used Homes

When beginning the home buying process, most buyers start out with a list of their must have and nice to have features. After looking through several options in the resale market though, many buyers often come to the conclusion that they are just going to have to compromise on some things and likely not get exactly what they’re looking for. This doesn’t have to be the case, however. Although choosing a complete, ready to move in resale... [Continue Reading]

Do I Need Rain Gutters?

A rain gutter is a trough or a narrow channel that makes up an entire roofing system. It is responsible for collecting water as it runs off of the roof of your home and diverting it away from the roof and the foundation of the house. As you will see after reading this article, there are a number of advantages to installing rain gutters on your roof. Advantages of Rain Gutters Protection of Your Basement -- One of the leading reasons for water... [Continue Reading]

Great Improvements And Projects For 2016

Being a homeowner gives you plenty of opportunities to flex your creative muscles and test your DIY mettle. And this year could be a great time to start that new project, or get stuck into that home improvement at last. Of course, if you’re stuck for ideas, here are a couple of the best to inspire you: Garage Conversion So many people with integrated garages wish they could use that space for a good sized living area. It is also one of the most... [Continue Reading]

The builders’ guide: finding a great shop to let

You’re moving into the big leagues, from tiny internet business to hulking, bulking brick-and-mortar enterprise. It’s the process that every overnight success story has to go through, elevating to a headquarters that isn’t your childhood bedroom. But finding a shop for sale isn’t as simple as jumping headfirst into a lease agreement and keeping your fingers crossed. Well, it is, but you’ll be regretting your risky... [Continue Reading]

Benefits of Solar Power Installation

A lot of homeowners have started getting solar panels installed on their roofs because of how beneficial they are as a whole. Solar power is definitely one of the more eco-friendly energy alternatives available to millions of homeowners all across the country, which is just one of the reasons why it has become so incredibly popular. It is very important that you take the time to examine some of these benefits before making a final decision of any... [Continue Reading]

Everything You Should Never Pour Down The Drain

For most people, it seems like pouring any unwanted liquid down the drain is the easy, simple, and clean way of being done with it. However, many don’t consider the repercussions. Just like how what you eat and drink can affect your teeth and mouth, many liquids and objects can cause accelerated wear and tear, or even outright damage, in your plumbing as well as elsewhere in your water infrastructure. Keep this in mind as you dispose of the... [Continue Reading]

How to Spot Hidden Water Damage

Hidden water damage comes in many different forms and levels of severity, but it all amounts to the same thing: a homeowner’s nightmare. If you let hidden water damage go on too long, it will lead to serious and costly structural damage to your house. Water damage can come from a number of sources, including damaged or blocked gutters. There are several signs to look for when checking for hidden water damage -- it doesn’t have to remain... [Continue Reading]