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10 Benefits of Buying a Manufactured Home

The benefits of living in a manufactured home continue to prompt everyday Americans to increase demand. From 2016 to 2018, new manufactured home sales ramped up from 81.1 thousand to 96.6 thousand annually. At the halfway mark in 2019, the inherent benefits of manufactured homes resulted in 46.7 thousand new purchases, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Those figures are way up from 2014 when a modest 64.3 thousand were sold.

Given the fact that new home purchases are up nearly one-third in less than five years, a noticeable trend has taken shape. That’s because homebuyers are discovering that today’s construction cost-effectively delivers high-value amenities. These are 10 benefits of buying and living in a manufactured home.   

1: Improved Affordability

Regional considerations may skew new home costs one way or other. But according to the U.S. Census, the median cost of a new site-built home in 2019 was more than $360,000. By contrast, the average price of a new manufactured home was just under $80,000. Although materials, size, and luxury amenities impact each sale, the overall difference in price is staggering.

2: Custom Builds are the Norm

When prospective buyers search the internet for “new homes,” they are faced with choices about which structure meets their needs. The reality of buying a so-called new home is that you often get what’s available. It’s rare in traditional markets to custom design your dream home. That is exactly the opposite of the manufactured home industry. One of the great benefits of buying a manufactured home is that you work with sales professionals to design precisely what you want before a single nail has been hammered.

3: Efficient Building Process

If you were to go the long route and buy land and then hire an architect and general contractor, the process is likely to take many months, perhaps more than a year. That’s not the case in the manufactured home industry. After working with a manufactured home professional, the experienced team constructs the house in a controlled environment. These specialists do this every day, and there a no wind, heat, rain, or environmental delays. The process is seamless.

4: Enhanced Homebuyer Flexibility

Manufactured homes come in a wide range of sizes, including double wide mobile homes, single wides, and an array of styles. Interior spaces can be laid out to include large family rooms, offices, and master suites, among others. Amenities are just a mouse click away, and prospective buyers often have the option to tour model homes. Unlike the sometimes speculative drawing board process, buyers can make informed decisions about their future living space.

5: Save Money on Utilities

Today’s manufactured homes can be constructed with the most energy-efficient materials available. The same cannot be said of a house built just 20 years ago. That means new home buyers can anticipate less heating and cooling loss and lower utility bills.

6: You Can Relocate with Your Home

While manufactured homes enjoy the same space and quality considerations available in high-priced site-built houses, they enjoy the added benefit of being mobile. That remains one of the unique benefits of manufactured homes for first-time buyers in particular. It’s not uncommon for people to lease land in a mobile home community when starting out. Once finances improve, families may decide to buy a piece of land of their own. Traditionally built houses are not designed to be delivered. 

7: Luxury Amenities

The benefits of living in a manufactured home include enjoying top-tier amenities such as master bathrooms, hardwood flooring, the latest kitchen appliances, and technology, among others. The days of the basic mobile home are a thing of the past. Today’s next-generation luxury options rival any site-built project. However, they may cost less than traditional homebuyers pay.

8: Quality Manufactured Home Communities

Dating back to 1976, the Department of Housing & Urban Development has monitored and regulated manufactured home production. Many of the luxury models that are being purchased today are destined for select communities. These sometimes gated homeowner associations rank among the safest places to live. When like-minded people come together for quality of life goals, new homeowners often experience the peaceful enjoyment they desire.

9: Manufactured Homes Deliver Ongoing Savings

It’s a common myth that manufactured homes do not enjoy property value increases. But studies show that the manufactured home is subject to similar market trends as site-built counterparts. Condition, market trends, inflation, home shortages, and other influences may impact both types. But the bottom line is that manufactured home buyers generally pay less of a mortgage, property taxes, and insurance premiums, among other costs. That’s more money in your pocket.

10: It’s Your Dream Home

Whether you select one of the spacious mobile homes or a model with modest living space, homebuyers get exactly what they want. When house shopping for more expensive site-built products, decision-making almost always involves a series of compromises. There’s no reason to pay more only to get less than your dream living space. That may rank among the greatest benefits of living in a manufactured home. It’s the dream home you desire.

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