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5 Interior Design Ideas That Keep Your Home Cool

When it comes to beating the summer heat, sometimes it pays to get creative. In some cases, getting creative can literally pay – by saving you money on your utility bills. Not only that, but making sure that your home stays cool – without a total dependence on the air conditioner – can also make your more eco-conscious too. Moreover, maybe its time for a little aesthetic upgrade. There is no better time than the summertime to make a few adjustments to your home – to make it more livable and comfortable. Here are 5 interior design ideas that keep your home cool.

  1. Ceiling fans. Ceiling fans can make a great design choice. Ceiling fans can also keep you cool in the summer without having to spend a fortune on air conditioning. Moreover, while AC preventative maintenance is important and crucial to making sure your central air conditioning system runs efficiently, a ceiling fan doesn’t require the same upkeep. Ceiling fans can also be much more affordable – both in unit cost and installation. Not only that, but your long-term savings on energy bills will be significant.
  2. Window blinds or drapes. With the right window blinds or drapes, you can effectively keep the warm air out and the cold air in. Also, you can give a nice touch to your bedroom, living room or even dining room. In most cases, if you really want to block out the heat, it is important to include two layers to your blinds. Make the back layer a darker color – something that can reflect the heat – and the front color something a little lighter. When it comes to window blinds, there are also many bamboo and wooden options that can really make your home come to life.
  3. Leather couches, ottomans and love seats. Contrary to what you think, leather can actually reduce the temperature of a room by a couple of degrees. Most fabric couches absorb the heat, which can cause the room to feel warm. However, with a few nice brown or leather couches, you can give a rustic, but classy look to a room – but also keep it cool. If you want to really change the temperature of a room, choose white leather. When it comes to leather, though, make sure that it is the best quality.
  4. A porous floor. Some laminated and vinyl floors – and even some wooden floors – can be heat magnets. However, by including a floor that is a little more natural and porous, you can reduce the over all temperature of a room. You can also turn a drab room into something more fabulous. Some materials that work are stone, marble and terra-cotta tiles.
  5. Paint the walls with a light color. A lightly colored wall will feel cooler and breezier, especially when the outdoor temperatures are soaring. Some colors that work are off-white or pearl, light blue, violet and even mint green. If you really want to bridge the gap between the inside of your home and your environment, use some common colors from nature: the sky, leaves, or even a lake or ocean.

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