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5 Tips for Building a Home With Security in Mind

Home security is a top concern for home owners everywhere, and you should be especially mindful of this issue if you’re building a new house. You have a great opportunity to eliminate possible security holes in your property when you’re having a new home built. Of course, your security will depend on your ability to spot and eliminate potential holes. Remember these tips for building a home with security in mind.

  1. Incorporate Security Doors
    Strong doors are necessary for any home. When you’re considering ways to finish your new construction, look into security doors. These heavy duty screen doors come in many decorative styles, and are outfitted with stronger locks than most doors. Make sure to design your doorways with large frames and strong hinges that can accommodate doors like these, and you’ll improve your home security greatly. Shop around for a security door that fits your home design aesthetic and adds an extra layer of protection for you and your family.
  2. Light Up Your Property
    Nothing drives thieves and burglars away like light. Keeping your property well lit ensures that no one will be making any attempts to breach your home security, and designing your new home to accommodate outdoor lighting is a great way to help secure your home. Have motion activated lights installed around your property and minimize the amount of blind spots where intruders may be able to hide. The simple prospect of being caught in the act is often enough to deter thieves from trying to enter your property.
  3. Invest in High Quality Windows
    Building a new home allows for a high level of customization when it comes to things like windows. In the past, a window could be a major home security hole. Latches and locks were primitive at best, glass panes were easily broken, and almost any window frame could easily be jimmied open. Today’s windows are much more advanced, and choosing the right windows for your home is a major security concern. Look for secure locks and double-pane glass on the windows you choose for your home.
  4. Build a Safe Room
    Talk to your builder about incorporating a safe room into your home design. These are becoming increasingly popular in new construction because they offer both a secure place to store valuables and a hide-out in case of emergency. Safe rooms are usually placed behind closets where they can be hidden from strangers, and can be outfitted with secure, fire resistant walls and heavy locks. Use this as your own walk-in safe, or consider installing a phone line to turn the extra space into a panic room in case of emergencies.
  5. Minimize Possible Entries
    Any security company in London or any other city will tell you that home security is all about preventative measures. As your new home goes up, make sure that you’re minimizing potential entries for intruders. Keep garage doors secure, avoid putting lots of windows at ground level, and make sure that no part of your home can easily be climbed. You want your new home to be comfortable and attractive, but it should be safe and secure as well. Never underestimate the importance of security when building a home.

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