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7 Rules to Ensure the Perfect House Inspection before Selling

You have entertained the buyer; they like the price for the house, but now they want to visit the property and inspect it . They will look at the property to chalk out the minor details before the actual sale agreement is drawn up and the final price decided.

The inspection stage is important for home owners since it is the make or break part of whether a potential buyer will decide to walk away from the deal or go ahead with purchasing the house. A house inspection needs to be perfect for an Aussie to be willing to make the purchase. Here are seven cardinal rules that need to be followed to make sure the inspection goes on smoothly:

1.    Clean Your House

This is perhaps the most obvious yet least practiced rule in inspections. Cleanliness is important every step of the way, whether you are deciding to sell the house or not. Come inspection time though, cleaning becomes all the more important because it’s the details that leave a lasting impression on the buyer. Make sure you get the floors mopped, windows wiped, carpets cleaned, etc.

2.    The House Should Smell Clean

A clean home is not quite clean enough unless it smells good. Nothing puts a buyer off quite like a dirty home or one that smells funny. If you have used the home for cooking or have pets, make sure you clean the house and bring fresh air into the house by opening windows and using air purifiers.

3.    Allow the visitors move to move freely within the house

The last thing you want potential buyers to feel is that your home lacks space to walk into and space to comfortably flow from one room to another. Before an inspection begins make sure you go through each room and rearrange furniture to make enough room for visitors to move freely.

4.    Depersonalize Your Home

At a home inspection the buyer will take a look at the home keeping in mind their needs and wants. The more easily they are able to envisage themselves living in the home, the greater the chance of the inspection being successful. You need to depersonalize your home and remove the unnecessary clutter from your home.

5.    Draw the Buyer’s Eyes

Make your home appealing to the buyer. The best way to do that is to draw their eyes to the more refined parts of the property. Eliminate items such as small appliances, toys and knickknacks etc. Add rugs, and light fittings to the home to make it more visually appealing for the buyer on inspection.

6.    Use the Right Photos

Brochures about your property and other documents regarding the property need to be carefully crafted. Make sure you use the best photos to entice the prospective buyer and to manipulate their perception even after the inspections.

7.    Regulate the Temperature inside Your Home

How do you like it in your home? Warm or cold, come inspection time you need to regulate the temperature of your home so that the visitors are comfortable.

These are only some of the golden rules to follow when you are preparing for an inspection to sell your home.

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