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3 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Modular Home

Why Buy A Modular Home? To Save Money

The materials in a modular home are purchased at significant bulk rate discounts, which are passed along to you, and the assembly line method of module production saves huge amounts in labor costs when compared to on-site home construction. This can mean that the final price of your home will be many thousands of dollars less than the cost of a similar stick-built home.

The shaping and cutting of all the materials used in your home's modules is done by computer-controlled tools, meaning that waste is reduced to a minimum and the finished home will fit together with absolute precision. You'll have the most energy-efficient house possible, and will be reward with lower home hating and cooling bills as long as you live in it!

Why Buy A Modular Home? To Save Time

The assembly line methods used to build your home's modules mean that they can be completed, inspected, and ready for delivery to your building site in no more than five days. You'll know that all the materials in your home were kept clean and dry throughout the manufacturing process, so there won't be any waiting around for replacement of materials damaged by weather.

There also won't be any worries that your home might contain damp or warped lumber and drywall and that the pipes will eventually crack because they were exposed to extremes of heat and cold. Your home will be between 75% and 80% complete when it arrives at your site, and it's possible for a two-section modular home to be ready for its inhabitants in as little as tow weeks after delivery!

Compare the ninety days it takes form ordering your modular home to your move-in date with the six to twelve months it normally takes for a site built-home to be finishes, and you'll have another reason why you should buy a modular home.

Why Buy A Modular Home? For Its Quality

Most modular home are actually constructed to be stronger than their stick-built counterparts. These modular home are constructed from the floor joists up, and are engineered so that the homes actually become stronger as one module is affixed to the next with bonding adhesives, bolts, and nails. The exterior walls of modular homes contain 2' X 6' studs, as opposed to the 2' X 4's used in traditional home construction. Remember, the modules of your home have to be sturdy enough to withstand being crane lifted onto their shipping trailers and crane-lifted again form their trailers to their foundation, after a journey of what might be several hundred miles. Now that's STRONG!

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