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Build It Better: A Guide on Solar Construction for Homebuilders

Solar energy has increased an average of 42% every year for the past decade. And its growth rate will need to triple over the next decade to reach America's clean energy goals.

If you're getting a lot of questions about building solar panels now, the questions aren't going away.

Here's everything homebuilders need to know about solar panels for home construction.

Installers for Homebuilders

Start by evaluating the most credible solar companies near you. Consider their certifications, how long they've been in operation, and reviews on multiple platforms.

According to Blue Raven Solar, hundreds of cities from the west to the east coast are going green. Many have set aggressive sustainability goals to reach over the next decade.

With that said, you'll likely have multiple options after you've done your research. So reach out for quotes from your top picks to help your decision-making process.

Installing Panels

Check your state's requirements for solar panel installation first. Legally, you will most likely need a special certification in order to install a solar panel. If obtaining certification is not possible, you can hire certified installers.

Building for Power

Homebuilders can strategize the construction of a home to promote more solar homes. For example, it's recommended to place solar panels south-facing. They also collect more sunlight when they're on a slope between 15 and 40 degrees.

Building for solar power goes beyond just getting the best solar panels for home design. Homebuilders also need to consider the type of material being used to construct the roof and if it can support the solar panel properly. You'll also want to consider any large structures like nearby trees or other homes that could potentially block the sun from the panel.

Making Homes Solar-Ready

If you're building a home without a buyer, make it optimal for solar panel installation. Building homes that are compatible with solar panels are highly marketable and can increase the value of the home.

Every buyer isn't ready to purchase and install solar panels right when they buy a home. In fact, 46% of homeowners have seriously considered investing in solar panels. But many home buyers like having the option to install panels easily in the future.

Getting Connected

Builders need to keep in mind how solar power will connect to the grid and how it will be used by the homeowners. Every local utility company works differently, so it's important that homebuilders know the ins and outs of how connecting a home in their area works so they can optimize the home.

Understanding how the utility company operates will affect the overall home solar system cost. Before you build, find out what the technology requirements are. Check to see if you need to get an inspection. Basically, make sure you check all of the boxes.

Additionally, you'll want to consider how the ideal buyer will use their solar panels. Consider if they will use electric vehicles and what kind of energy demand that requires.

Mastering Solar Construction

Homebuilders who invest in solar are ultimately investing in themselves. If we've learned anything from the past year, it's that change is inevitable. You can either get in front of it or fall behind.

Have more questions about how to optimize homebuilding in the new normal? Head over to our blog section for more guides!

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