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Choosing a Fence Style

Choosing a fence style for your yard or landscape can be difficult given the wide array of available choices. Yet a fence can add more than just functionality to your landscape. It can complement your property in some interesting ways while confining it. The following fence styles might be the perfect match for your landscape. If you aren't sure or need more information, talk to your general contractor who can help you arrive at a fencing solution.

Picket Fence

The classic picket fence style adds a touch of classic rustic charm to any setting. This style fence, whether wood or vinyl, will provide a barrier for small pets and confine your garden or entire yard with its appealing style. Most residential neighborhoods and rural areas often feature homes with picket fence styles and it’s one of the more popular types of fences that we see today.

Privacy Fence

Homeowners are apt to find many different choices of privacy fences. Some will be solid boards while others may form a lattice like design. Solid board fences offer substantial privacy. They are also ideal for keeping large dogs confined. Many people choose a style that will provide a structure for vines and climbing plants that can add to the fence's sense of privacy.  

Semi-Private Fence

Many people want a secure barrier, but do not want to feel closed off from the neighboring landscape. For this reason, semi-private fencing is an optimum solution. There are ornamental styles that add a decorative element to the fence and can complement the style of the home.

Post and Rail Fence

This style is a traditional rustic style that provides plenty of visibility. Moreover, its wood composition complements the natural setting. This type of fence is ideal for confining large animals like horses, which is why it is frequently favored in rural settings, but some people prefer this style over the other types of fences.

Wrought Iron

A wrought iron fence is a stylish option with vintage appeal. Wrought iron became popular during the Victorian era. Today, it continues to be a popular fence style for many homes. Wrought iron looks right at home whether installed in an urban or rustic setting.

These are some popular fence styles that many homeowners consider using when they are in the process of building a fence. Whether you opt for wood or metal fencing, your contractor can help you reach a decision before installing your fencing efficiently and expertly (Source: M&L Construction). For those that are looking for help installing their fence, it’s important to contact a general contractor with a track record of excellence. This can be accomplished by going to their website and taking a look at past projects that they have completed. Another place to look at is to search Yelp and find out their rating. No matter what fence type you choose, make sure that you have all the tools you need to get the job completed. If you’re not the DIY type then you should make sure that a professional completes the job.

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