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Construction Tender Software Reviews and Ratings

Construction is one of the most profitable business in the world, and the numbers say it all. It is predicted that in 2020, global construction will reach 10 Trillion US Dollars. With this amount of money expected to be spent, construction firms are dashing to get their share.

But how exactly do these companies get a piece of that construction pie? Construction companies usually get almost all their jobs thru bidding. And construction companies know that accurate estimates and low bids will usually get them the job.

Construction bidding all starts with making a material quantity takeoff (a fancy term which just means writing down all the things needed for a construction project) from a construction plan. This all seems simple enough, but the whole process of making a bid involves complex processes and a deep knowledge of regional prices of materials. Fortunately, nowadays estimators can rely on tender management software to get them thru the bid.

A tender management software also called general construction tender software is basically a program designed for the construction industry to streamline the estimated construction cost for a project making the bidding process faster.

There are hundreds of construction bidding software out there, how do you know which one is best suited for your company. To help you out, we’ve sifted thru the best construction tender software reviews on the internet to present you software options you might to look at in your quest in finding the best one for your company.



Constantly rated as one of the top construction software in reputable sources like Capterra. Procore is a web, SaaS-based tender software solution that allows construction companies to request tenders for projects while giving a central location for managing and viewing the status of all proposals made. It also has a feature that allows contractors to download tender packages from Procore and submit tenders directly into the system.

Procore's bid management solution package makes it simple to manage documents included in a proposal bid. Proposal documents can be in any file format. After these documents are uploaded to Procore's central storage site, these documents can be sent out as download links without file limitation.

Procore allows an effective and speedy evaluation of the key issues used to choose the best contractor for a specific scope. It allows users to compare proposals on factors like cost code breakdown, backlog and tendering history of individual proposals, and the physical location of specific tenders.


STACK is a dedicated takeoff and estimating software. It offers three levels of service depending on what your business needs. The basic level only covers takeoffs, a good option if you ‘re not sure if the service is right for you, or it might be a good fit if you're a small business. The professional edition contains the broad database of industry-specific information, unlimited reports and offers its users the ability to import custom items.

STACK offers real-time backups of data and can be accessed from any device – computers, tablets, and smartphones.

Pro Contractor Estimating by Viewpoint Construction Software

Pro Contractor Estimating can be used as a stand-alone software or it can be integrated with many other solutions thru  Viewpoint.

Pro Contractor Estimating allows the user the ability to import CAD designs an interact with it. In addition, with is Pro contractor uses 3D visuals so you can see everything about the project starting from the foundation, all the way to the top, both inside and out. This is a useful function because it allows you to determine labor and material needs and cost.

Pro contractor has mobile capabilities.   Pro Contractor is available to be downloaded in your smartphone and tablet which allows to you have freedom of mobility. You can take your device with you to the client or to the job site and enter the updated information into your bid, as well as send a completed estimate from your mobile device which can help you save time and meet any pending deadlines in the pipeline anywhere, everywhere!

Pro Contractor Estimating includes functions that help the user see the actual cost of an item and then have the ability to compare it to the estimate. You can either update the central cost list or create your own custom price book. It has change order processing tools that let you update an existing estimate with new pricing so that your final bid will reflect the actual cost.

IntelliBid by ConEst

Intellibid offers three levels of its software that cater to your business size and needs. Its features include takeoffs, bid management, document management, and reporting.

One of the best features of IntelliBid for all its versions is its industry-smart database which contains the regional costs of most material items, as well as assembly kits for all types of construction, as well as account for labor costs. It also allows users to make custom products and pricing which can help streamline your bidding process.

B2W Estimate Software

B2W is an estimating software that caters to various construction which includes highway construction, civil and industrial project, as well as smaller projects like new home construction or remodeling.

This software offers great job and cost tracking tools. It has change order processing tools that allow you to adjust pricing to a bid after your company has won the bid and the work has started to reflect the actual cost from suppliers and subcontractors. You can then save these changes to a master list or use them to create a custom price book that can reflect the new pricing for the local cost.

B2W is easy to use and has a streamlined interface. In addition to this B2W provides detailed and personalized training. Their instruction varies from onsite training and classroom coaching an independent learning center or if you want, you can receive training in their headquarters in New Hampshire.  On top of all these continued trainings is also available online, as well as video tutorials and prerecorded webinars.

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