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Four simple design tips to help spruce up your home

We all want our homes to be a little different and to reflect our personalities. More often than not, this comes down to the interior design and layout of our home. From the furniture we choose to the colour schemes we employ from one room to the next, each decision we make in our home contributes to its overall feel.

It's not always easy, however, to set our homes apart from others.

Here, we take a look at a number of simple design tips which will help transform your home overnight without a large investment of money or time.

Anything which makes your home at all interactive and customisable is an absolute must if you're hoping to make it a unique space. Chalkboard paint can do just this for a tiny fee and less than an hour's work.

Whether you use chalkboard paint on an entire wall or just to label smaller things like your kitchen shelves, it's a simple way for you to transform your spaces in a small amount of time.

Lighting is extremely important to the feel of a home, not only in the evening but also in the day. Rather than using one main, bright light in each room, it can be hugely effective to use a greater number of smaller lights.

If you're looking to do something particularly special, consider using coloured lighting to give your room a specific mood. Modern homes tend to offer unique lighting designs, as you'll see by looking at Linden Homes property for sale in Leicester.

If your home is feeling a little bit empty and you'd like it to be warmer and more inviting, scatter cushions are the obvious solution. As well as turning your home into a more physically comfortable space, cushions are a great way to bring a little print into your home.

Print designs are a simple way to bring designs into the home which can help to reflect your personality.

Adding layers and textures to your home is generally a great way to bring both colour and warmth to your property. One of the easiest ways to introduce textures to your home is to use rugs. These can work well to contrast with wooden floorboards or even to brighten up an existing carpet.

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