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Homeowner Myths and Misconceptions About Solar Power

To some, solar power may seem too good to be true. You can install panels, and receive a significant amount of power for free from the sun! THere must be a catch. This skepticism has led to various myths and rumors over the years. If you are curious about how solar power could benefit you and your home, look past the lies and face the facts.

Myth 1- Solar Power is an expensive initial Investment.

FALSE. Rumors spread quickly, and often you will hear numbers thrown around, reporting that installing solar power will cost over $10,000 upfront. While this may be the retail cost, is it completely inaccurate due to the numerous discounts and rebates solar power investors receive when they choose to install solar panels in their home. There are several federal, state and local subsidies and tax breaks offered by the government that can significantly reduce the initial investment of solar power. The government is extremely supportive of solar power, and so they are willing to reward citizens who take the initiative to reduce energy waste and help the environment. In many cases, financial institutions also offer deals and may even allow you to pay for your whole solar panel system without any money down, and just a minimal payment each month. The system is designed to encourage responsible homeowners to make positive choices, so take advantage of these reasonable rates and incentives.

Myth 2- It will take years for me to earn back my initial investment, and for solar power to make sense financially.

This myth is absolutely not true. First, it has been established that the upfront investment really is not that much of a burden to begin with. In addition, solar paneling is not only reasonable, but it will significantly increase the property value of your home immediately. On average, the price of your home will go up anywhere between $17,000-$22,000 the day you install the solar panels. When you go to sell your home, solar paneling will be an extremely attractive feature for potential homebuyers that they are willing to pay for. Not only will the value of your home go up, but also your monthly energy bills will decrease tremendously each month since you will need minimal traditional energy and can use the solar energy for free. This means you will be saving money right away, and one of your largest assets, your home, will be worth a lot more money, whether you sell it now or in 15 years.

Myth 3- I should wait until Solar Panel technology becomes more efficient.

While, solar panel technology has advanced quite a bit since it’s modest beginnings, in modern times it really has not changed very much. We are so used to technology progressing rapidly and frequently for items such as our cell phones, televisions, and computers, so we expect solar power to transform quickly too. This is not the case. Solar technology has remained essentially the same in regards to efficiency and ground breaking discoveries. However, now really is the best time to buy solar technology because researchers and manufacturers have been focusing on ways to make this technology more accessible to the public, meaning it is the cheapest it has ever been. If you wait, you may not be able to receive the many benefits and discounts that today’s solar panel market provides to homeowners.

If you are considering installing solar paneling in your home, don’t be discouraged by myths and rumors. Instead, look to the facts and the outstanding potential solar technology can provide to help you save money, improve the environment, and increase the value of your home. Worry less about energy issues like why does my AC freeze? Instead, reap the benefits of solar technology while it is affordable, easy to install, and prosperous.

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