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How to Build and Design the Ultimate Kid-Friendly Home

Building and designing your home can be an exciting but extensive project. Designing a home when you have kids is very different than the average home design project. Not only do you have to consider the typical design elements such as paint, lighting and furniture, but you also have to make your home accessible and comfortable for your kids as well. It is important to design spaces in your home that will cater to kids so they can all enjoy your home to the fullest extent. Here are some tips to help you build and design the ultimate kid-friendly home.

No home would be kid friendly without awesome bedrooms. A kid’s room should fit their particular style whether they’re currently into celebrities, racecars, superheroes, or princesses. However, kid’s preferences are constantly changing on a seemingly daily basis! To help prevent having to regularly change paint colors on the walls and furniture, try to stick with neutral tones in the bedrooms. Paint walls a butter yellow or off-white color that will match anything. Keep floors neutral as well with carpets that will not show stains, or hardwood. Furniture should also be chosen so that it will grow with your child throughout his or her childhood in order to save money and time shopping. This will provide the room with a simple palate for any decorations your child may want to incorporate in their space. Help them make their space unique with bedding, wall décor, lights and rugs.

The next key design element in your home is a fun kid play space! Kids need a room where they can store their toys, kick back with friends, and confine their playful chaos! When designing this space, be sure to install plenty of storage, either permanent or temporary. Pull out drawers or bins are ideal for keeping toys stored and out of sight when they aren’t being used. You may also want to install shelving that is high up and out of reach so that your kids can’t get to certain toys. This way they will have to ask for permission before using specific items. In addition to storage, your play space will need a TV or video game area, a space for floor play, and plenty of seating. Beanbags are a great way to provide comfortable seating that is easy to move around depending on the activity.

Storage is the key to a kid friendly home in the rest of your home as well! When designing your home to fit your style also consider where things will go. Have a shoe bin so that you children can quickly toss their shoes in without creating a mess right in front of the entryway. Also provide somewhere to hang coats and other items. Finally, be sure to keep dangerous items such as tools out of reach of your kids or high up in cabinets.

All of these ideas can help ensure that the design and build of your home is kid friendly so that everyone in the family can enjoy the space to the fullest extent. Even if the kids can’t use the play yard outside, they will have plenty to do in their playroom, or in their versatile and classic bedroom.

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