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Uncommon Ways to Inexpensively Stay Warm This Winter

The cold temperatures of winter can be a lot for anyone to handle. Even more than the discomfort of going outside, it is the discomfort of having to spend more money to keep the house at a reasonable temperature. This can be enough to make someone want to pack up and move to the nearest warm-weather location, but there are some better alternatives. Home owners do not need to suffer in a cold house all winter, or be forced to pay high heating bills.

A lot of great methods for saving energy in the winter have been discovered by people who are driven to live comfortably while saving money. These methods can be easily used by any home owner and can help them save a lot of money every winter. These ideas might be unusual, but that does not make them any less effective. Here are some uncommon ways to inexpensively stay warm this winter.

Replace or clean air filters

Many people forget about the air filters in their home. Air filters play a big part in the home heating system. Without having clear air filters, home owners can pay twice as much to heat their home as they would with new air filters. Home owners should consider replacing their air filters to get better circulation of warm air throughout the home.

Consult with the energy provider

It is not always common, but some energy providers will actually increase the price of their services in the winter months, when customers need them most. Most energy providers will be willing to negotiate with their customers in order to keep their business. Home owners can use to find the best energy rates in their area.

Let more natural light in

Natural light is a great way to keep an entire home warm in the winter and well lit anytime of the year. Home owners should consider keeping their curtains open during the day to let in natural light and heat from the sun. Sitting in the sunlight can also help people stay warm without extra layers.

Try a spicy hot beverage

Hot beverages like hot chocolate and coffee are common in the winter months, but there might be a better way to stay warm. People can try drinking a spiced beverage during the winter to keep themselves warmer, like chai tea. This is a great way to stay warm and energized no matter where you are.

Cover bare floors

Bare floors let a lot of the warm air escape in the home. Home owners may love the look of their hard flooring, but they still want to keep their home warm inexpensively. Instead of laying down carpet everywhere, home owners can invest in a few rugs that they love. Another good option is to cover the floorboards, where a lot of cracks and air leaks begin. This is a simple change that maintains the look of a home while saving energy.


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