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Warning Signs Indicating it’s Time to Replace Your Windows in Swansea

If you’re planning on making some improvements to your home it can be difficult to know where the best place to start is. If you’re toying with the idea of ripping out your old windows and adding some new double glazed windows, but you’re still unsure if it’s the right decision, check out these serious warning signs. They will help you to decide if this is the first job you should be tackling or if you can afford to wait a little longer before making the change.

Your Home Has Draughts

When you’re sat in a room you notice draughts and cold spots. This is a clear sign that your windows are not serving their purpose completely. While all windows do allow a slight amount of air infiltration, you should never actually be able to feel it or notice it. Your windows are letting far too much air into the room and as a result you are losing a lot of heat and feeling uncomfortable or chilly. If the frames are made from wood or are very old they could have become warped over time. This creates gaps and the air is able to penetrate through these.

You Can’t Open or Close Your Windows Easily

If you have to force the window to open or close you really need to consider finding a supplier for replacement PVC windows in Swansea. Once the balance has gone, it causes a hazard, especially on hung windows. The window may slam shut and there is a risk of the glass shattering. You might also cause the windows to shatter if you have to slam them to get them to close or hit them hard on the frame in order to make them open.

Condensation Causing a Problem

Condensation is another warning sign to watch out for. Older double or triple glazed windows can fog on the inside of the glass or you may notice clear condensation. When this happens you might need to replace the window if the seal has failed. The glass is no longer insulating your home correctly so you’re spending more money than you need to on energy.

Your Energy Bills are getting out of Hand

If you have very high energy bills, or you have noticed you need the heating on much longer than you used to, there is a good chance the windows need replacing. You might have an old boiler that is not efficient too so it is worth having that looked at also. Windows may seem like an expense you can do without but they do pay for themselves in time as they reduce your heating bills and possibly the cooling costs if there is a hot summer.

The Windows are no Longer Secure

Finally, you should get your windows replaced if you think they are not strong enough. If you have been able to break into your home through the window (when you have lost a key or been locked out) then a burglar will have no problems. New windows are stronger than older ones were, with lots of sturdy designs out there and security locks added as standard.

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