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Where to Find a Reputable Home Remodeling Contractor

These days, many homeowners are taking a DIY approach with home renovations, and tackling jobs great and small in order to save some money. All you have to do is look at the still struggling real estate market and the weak economy to understand why every dollar counts. But there are some jobs that simply don’t fit the bill. You can probably install new flooring or change out a window yourself, but trying to contend with a whole roof installation or room addition is just asking for trouble. There are reasons that contractors exist, and why they are so well paid. You’ll need professional assistance to get the larger jobs done, and as long as you choose a reputable company, you’re basically guaranteed the job will be done right during the first attempt, on time and on budget. Here are a few tips to help you find that reputable home remodeling contractor.

First off, you should always focus your search locally. It’s easy enough to conduct an online search through the local yellow pages website, and you’ll probably come up with a number of options. Choosing a local company means you’re getting a business that has an investment in your town. They have a permanent set up, and won’t be picking up and leaving with your money. You’ll be able to look into their company track record, and if problems arise you’ll be able to physically go to their office and get to the bottom of things. We live in a virtual world, but this is one area where it pays to be physically close to your vendor.

If your search returns a lot of options you can start to narrow things down by running your list past your insurance provider. If you have homeowners’ insurance, the company is there to help you make decisions like this. Since insurance providers have to organize repairs any time a claim is submitted, chances are they have a list of local contractors that they’ve used in the past. You’ll know these companies are professional, because an insurance provider is obviously focused on risk assessment. They wouldn’t use a company that delivers sub-par results. And since you’re approaching contractors with their recommendation, you might even get some sort of discount.

You’ll probably have a nice list of options at this point, but you can double check these recommendations by looking over the contractor’s various credentials. Any company worth its salt will be listed on the Better Business Bureau website. Head there and you’ll see if any previous clients have filed grievances due to negligence. In addition, check with the local and national contractor’s unions, to make sure the companies you are considering are properly licensed and carry insurance. Those two factors should be mandatory aspects of your final decision.

Last but not least, head back to your computer and hit up various consumer review sites. There are several major destinations, populated with thousands of number-based reviews and comment threads. You’re looking for the local contractors with a solid online reputation. You’ll be able to see the final opinion of those who have worked with each contractor in the past. That will help you assess their work style, and understand which party you feel most comfortable with. After hitting all of these benchmarks you should have a final list of three or four companies you can call for a quote. After that, it’s all about your personal feeling and preference.

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