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5 Basic Home Security Tips for New Homeowners

When you buy your first home, whether it’s turnkey or a fixer-upper opportunity, there’s probably some work to be done. With an older home you may need to do some major renovations, but even new homes need some personal touches with paint and flooring. So one thing you might not immediately hone in on when it comes to your property is the level of security. And since you definitely don’t want to experience a home invasion robbery, it’s a good idea to look into crime rates in your area in order to determine the level of security you’ll need to adequately protect your home. Of course, you also need to exercise some common sense. Here are just a few basic home security tips that are sure to offer the peace of mind every new homeowner needs.

  1. Install appropriate security measures. There are three main things you need to consider when implementing home security measures: your area, your budget, and your level of comfort. The hope is that you live in a low-crime area, of course, but even if this is the case you probably want at least a modicum of security, such as deadbolts on the doors. And if your area is less secure, you might need an alarm system, motions sensor flood lights, and even a surveillance system to feel safe and safe in your home. But you also need to balance your security measures against your budget and make sure that you’re not overspending on systems you really don’t need.
  2. Close windows. An alarm system can only deter intruders if you keep your doors and windows closed so that the system can work. So leaving windows open when the house is empty or the family is asleep is a major no-no. This is true even of windows on upper levels, since all an intruder has to do is put up a ladder to gain access to your home. And for goodness sake, don’t leave a ladder out in plain view or easy access.
  3. Remove hiding places. Intruders may be bolder if you have a lot of foliage that hides their efforts at invasion from the prying eyes of neighbors or passersby. So if you have overgrown trees, shrubs, or other greenery in your yard, you might want to reduce it.
  4. Don’t announce your absences. In a Facebook world, people are prone to listing every last detail of their lives on their social networking spaces without considering potential consequences. So before you start bragging about your two-week trip to Europe and posting vacation pics, consider what this could mean for anyone looking to break into your empty house and steal your stuff.
  5. Get insurance. No matter how much security you use, if somebody really wants to break into your home and burglarize you, they’re going to. Your home security system from Vivint, ADT, Brinks, or Modern Systems Inc. should give you the warning you need to escape any harm, but your house might not be so lucky. In this case it is imperative to have adequate insurance to cover any damage or loss that may occur. Even if you follow all of the smartest home security tips, it might not be enough. So having the insurance to cover damage to your structure and loss of valuable is a must.

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