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An Essential Guide to Circular Saws

Circular saws are an invaluable piece of equipment for all serious DIYers. With a single, sharped-toothed metal blade, they are capable of high speed precision sawing which yields fantastic results. For people looking to cut through large sheets of plywood or make long linear cuts – without spending an arm and a leg – circular saws are invaluable. Whether you choose to buy a cheap one from a budget hardware outlet, or if you invest in a quality, long-lasting saw from Clarence Jones, here are some essential tips.

The Weighting

More than anything else, you must feel like you have 100% control of the particular saw you purchase, so weighting is incredibly important. Handheld circular saws tend to range from about 6-7lbs to well over 14lbs. Cordless versions (which are popular for smaller jobs) often add extra weight to the tool, as they contain heavy, rechargeable batteries not found in more conventional models. As with anything of this nature though, be sure to test out a variety of saws for weight before you commit to a purchase.

Size of The Blade

Ultimately, the blade size will determine how deep you’re able to cut materials with your saw. So if you’re only planning on using it for smaller jobs around the house, the chances are you won’t require a mammoth blade. Smaller blades – in addition to being lighter – are also much easier to control. So you’ll want to take that into consideration when you’re contemplating a purchase.

Bevel/Angle Capacity

All decent circular saws should allow you to change the bevel (angle) at which the blade cuts. This is obviously a very useful asset for DIY home improvements and the like. In general, standard blades range from between 45 degrees to 90 degrees. You may find that in cheaper models, you’ll only be able to adjust the blade angle in increments of 5 degrees. So if you’re looking to make very specific, custom cuts, you’ll most likely have to purchase a model with guides that are able to mark every degree.

Specific Guidance From Your Seller

When purchasing any equipment of this nature -whether online or in store – it’s highly advisable to ask for specific guidance depending on what you intend to use the saw for. However this guide should give you a good, general idea of what to expect.

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