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Low Cost Heating Solutions for Homeowners

With fuel bills rising constantly, most homeowners and homebuilders will be looking to find the cheapest, most efficient way to heat their homes. In the current economic climate, relying on expensive and energy-sucking heaters is no longer a viable option. Here are some great alternatives that save energy, as well as money.

Proper Insulation

Having proper insulation installed in your home is not so much a form of heating as a form of coldness prevention. Up to half of the heat generated in an average home is lost through the roof and walls. So if you don’t have properly installed insulation, you’re basically throwing money away. It’s worthwhile having the insulation in your house checked by a trusted professional, to make sure you’re not losing heat – and money – unnecessarily.

Solar Panels

In recent years, solar panels are becoming a very popular choice amongst homeowners; and it’s easy to understand why. Despite their substantial installation cost, solar panels require only the sun in order to heat your home, meaning (in theory) you shouldn’t have to front for any bills if this is your only source of heating. If you live in a climate that is consistently hot the whole year round, solar panels are a great solution. You should be aware however, that they can be very inconsistent in delivering heat; which might not be preferable for those who enjoy a hot shower every day.

Wood Burning Stoves

Of all the conventional forms of heating, it is unsurprising that wood burning stoves remain as popular as they are today; not only do they put out the most heat, but they are also by far the most cosy and most inexpensive of the more efficient forms of heating. The one downside is that houses without a chimney will need to install a flue. However, these are becoming less expensive in recent years, with companies such as Glowing Embers dropping their prices considerably in order to combat the lingering effects of the economic recession. Furthermore, after the flue is installed, the cost of wood or even better, coal – is minimal.

Reduce Your Annual Outgoings

As homeowners, we’re always looking for ways to cut down on energy costs wherever possible, particularly since the recession. As heating is by far one of the greater costs of running a home, these tips should help you to reduce your annual outgoings considerably.

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