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Easily Identifiable Home Roofing Problems

Roofs are a large investment. In order to protect your investment and ensure that it can last a lifetime, you need to be aware of signs that you roof may be damaged. Here a some of the most easy to identify home roofing problems for homeowners to keep an eye out for.

Often you can tell a roof needs maintenance from the inside. If you notice, indoor leaks, dampness, stains, bubbles, bulges or discolorations, you likely have an exterior roof leak on your hands. Also take note if trim or baseboards have been warped or damaged since this is likely a result of a problem originating on the roof of the house.

You can also tell a lot about a roof just from a visual inspection from the ground floor. Look up to see if there are any torn, cracked, or missing shingles on the roof. You should also look out for wet spots which may exhibit mold or rot. Many serious problems are first noticeable form the outside, so it is important to regularly inspect your roof to ensure you become aware of problems before they reach or impact the inside of your house.
Check out your attic as well since this can be one of the best places to identify roofing problems. Use a flashlight to look for any mold, discoloration, or wet sports that may exist and that may point to a leak in the roof. Without a flashlight, check out the higher points of the attic. This will allow you to see if any light is shining through from the outside, allowing airing, moisture and more into your attic space and home.

Also, look out for low hanging beaches. In storms or when the wind blows, these low hanging branches can have a huge, negative impact on the quality of your roof. These branches may damage roof shingles, tearing them or knocking them off altogether. if you notice these brackens, inspect the air new where they hang, and be sure to have them trimmed or cut down as soon as possible to reduce the likelihood of further damage in the future!

Finally, your roof can be impacted by your gutters as well. If your gutters are clogged, be sure to get up on the roof and clean out any debris, leaves, or sticks. When these clog your gutters, they may cause them to overflow which can damage the roof as well as the foundation of your home. While you are up there , look out for signs of damage not he gutters such s holes, cracks or breaks and fix them as soon as possible.

All of these are home roofing problems that you can easily see from the inside, outside and top of your roof. Always be sure to address problems as soon as possible to reduce further damage and to protect your home as an investment. For roof issues, be sure to cal a company like BSU Roofing and Construction to ensure that you get the job done right the first time!

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