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5 Places to Look for Home Design Inspiration

Although you may be keen to tear out the shag carpet, orange tile, and popcorn ceilings that have left your home feeling horribly outdated, you might not have the first idea what to replace them with in order to create the modern interior you’re looking for. And it’s no wonder you’re confused between a wide range of stylistic options to choose from, color trends that seem to change on a seasonal basis, and little base knowledge about decorating in general to help you formulate a comprehensive layout and design for your interior spaces. That said, you may know more than you think. For example, you already know that you don’t like your current design, and you probably have some ideas about colors and materials that you’d prefer. From there you might have to hire a professional to help you put it all together, but you can certainly get a running start by finding inspirational elements all around you. Here are just a few sources you may have overlooked.

  1. Nature. The natural world provides all kinds of inspiration for designers, and not only because so many natural elements like wood and stone are used in décor. Consider the rich purple of an eggplant or the more delicate, pastel hue of lilacs. How about the mossy greens of the riverbank? Or the texture of natural stone? What about the plumed feathers of a peacock? The idea here is that inspiration for color, pattern, texture, shine, and all of the elements involved in design can have a counterpoint in nature. So taking inspirational pics of plants, animals, and still life that speak to you could help you to translate your likes into modern decor.
  2. History. Design isn’t something that happens overnight; it’s a process that’s constantly evolving and building on what came before. So looking back through history can help you to find styles or elements that you like. You might appreciate the embellishments of the Baroque style, for example, or the simple, clean lines and neutral tones of midcentury modern. Perhaps the geometry of Art Deco appeals to you more than the organic flow of Art Nouveau. If you don’t pay attention to history, though, you’ll never know.
  3. Showrooms. If what you’re seeking is a more concrete form of inspiration, then perhaps looking at pieces assembled in a showroom is the way to go. You can see how elements like woodwork, tile, and furnishings fit together and get an idea of what kinds of materials, fixtures, colors, and styles are trending right now. You don’t necessarily want to copy a showroom sample, but it can definitely help you to solidify your own style and become aware of the options available to you.
  4. Media. If you can’t afford an interior design specialist to help you out, simply look at the interiors of big-screen homes in film and television. The people who design them are professional set decorators and it is their job to create a certain aesthetic. So use their mad skills to your advantage by taking notes on the rooms you fall in love with on the silver screen.
  5. Your phone. While your sleek iPhone case could certainly be used as inspiration for your home design, you may not necessarily want the inside of your house to look like Michael Jackson’s futuristic ‘Scream’ video. Instead, you can use your smartphone to check out design picks with the Houzz application or even look up the top 100 inspirational quotes of all time to stencil on your walls if you want. As an inspirational tool, this mobile device could just be your best friend.

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