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5 Tips for Choosing the Right Company to Build Your New Home

There are many things to consider when you’re thinking about building your own home. From location to choosing between single anddouble storey house plans, from construction materials to power sources, from landscaping to decor, but perhaps one of the most pivotal decisions you’ll need to make is which company to choose to build your house. Here are a few simple tips that will help you compare possible builders and choose the right company for you and your project.

Compare Builder Warranty Programs

Check out what warranties are offered through different builders and make sure that whatever company you’re considering, they have a comprehensive warranty program that will cover you for anything you might need. It could be worth doing some research on common issues that pop up during or after the house is being built, and make sure they’re covered under warranty. Doing a comparison between companies’ warranty programs can be a helpful way to set some builders apart from the competition.

Service and Communication

Building your home is a lengthy and expensive process, so you’re going to want to be sure that the service and communication between client and builder is top notch. You should be kept informed about delays, unforseen expenses and any issues that need rectifying. Ideally, your builder should keep you in the loop and give you plenty of support in tackling any issues. It might be worth asking current and previous clients about their experience with the company and how they found the service and communication offered by whatever company you’re considering. You’ll also get a good feel for their attitude toward customer service during your initial dealings with them, so pay attention to how they handle your requests for quotes and information when you’re searching for your new potential builder.

Experience and Reputation

Consider whether or not the builder you’re considering is well regarded in the area you’re planning to build. Take a look at their track record, what kind of work they produce, feedback from past clients, any ratings or disputes etc. You might consider how long they’ve been in business and how experienced their key staff are. You can even visit previous constructions to see what you think, whether or not you think they’ve done a good job on previous projects. Try and do as much research as you can to get a good feel for what kind of work the company produces and whether you’d be happy with the result.

Pricing and Terms

Price comparisons are another important element when it comes to choosing a builder. A fair price is important, but you should never choose based solely on price. Remember that what you really want is value for money, the best available service and outcome for the best price, not just the cheapest quote you can get. When asking for quotes, also discuss the possibility of any unforseen costs or delays. You should also ask for estimates on start and finish dates for your build. As well as comparing the quality of construction materials, all these details will help you with comparing quotes accurately, rather than focusing on the bottom dollar.

Check Their Credentials

Before you hire a company to start building, make sure they are fully licensed and registered. Check for HIA (Housing Industry Association) accreditation and a BSA (Building Safety Association) licence. By calling the BSA you can confirm whether the builder has a current licence that’s suitable to your job, and also get important information about their past performance and any dispute history. With so many builders out there to choose from, the decision can feel daunting, but with a little research and comparison, finding a reputable company that you can trust will come easily.

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