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5 Tips to Get Good Value and Quality When Shopping for Kitchen Cabinets

Any time you make a purchase for your home you’ll find yourself straddling the line between quality and cost. And while this might not make a huge difference when you’re buying decorative items like throw pillows that you’ll probably replace in a couple of years anyway, you may want to err on the side of quality when it comes to purchasing new cabinetry for your kitchen, since it will have to stand up to a lot of abuse and last for years to come. Of course, this could entail major expense that you simply can’t afford. But what if you could find high-quality goods at an eminently affordable price? In truth, with a little legwork and some basic knowledge under your belt, you can find the value you’re seeking. Here are some tips that will help to ensure you get the quality you crave at a great price when you’re shopping for kitchen cabinets.

  1. Understand materials. There are a lot of variations in materials that you might use for cabinets, and they come in at a wide range of price points. For example, laminated press board is likely to be the least expensive and offer you with most options for appearance, but you get what you pay for here, so don’t be surprised if your cabinets don’t hold up for long before they start sagging or falling apart. Exotic hardwoods are at the other end of the spectrum, and the price difference is significant. And while most manufacturers will take great care to ensure that such a purchase lasts a lifetime, you can certainly find products of equal quality for less cost. Your best bet is to look for solid wood and quality construction at a fair price if what you want is the best value.
  2. Prefab versus custom. If you’re going to gut your kitchen and start from scratch, you might be tempted to spring for custom cabinetry, but the truth is that this is the perfect opportunity to save a little money with prefabricated options. When you have open space to work with you can definitely find ways to make ready-made cabinetry work with your existing floor plan, especially if you’re moving walls around.
  3. Reclaimed cabinetry. One great way to get the beautiful and high-quality cabinets you crave without breaking the bank is to look into reclaimed options. These items are salvaged from older homes and refurbished before sale. So you not only get a great price, but you end up with products that look like new. And you’ll do a good turn for the environment in the process.
  4. DIY labor. Even if you’re not particularly skilled when it comes to DIY home projects, you can definitely save some money on the demolition and installation fronts, potentially helping to offset the cost of your cabinetry. All you have to do is offer your services to your contractor and get comfortable swinging a hammer during demo and using a level, a measuring tape, and an electric screwdriver when you start hanging the cabinets.
  5. Refacing. If your cabinets happen to be very sturdy, they’re still in great shape, and they provide you with the function you need, you might not want to replace them at all. Of course, you could still do some kitchen cabinet shopping just to be sure, but if your contractor recommends saving the cabinets you have, you could simply consider refacing them to get the look you want at a lot less expense. It may still be worth visiting an upcoming exotic home expo, though, to see what kinds of cabinet surfaces are trending and even find a company that can handle this project for you.

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