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How to Prepare Your Home AC Systems for Spring

The springtime is officially here – not so much because the vernal equinox says it is, but because of the weather. Indeed, the weather is getting a lot warmer – in some places fifty to sixty degrees warmer than it was only a month ago. Because of these weather trends, it is important to prep your air conditioning system. Not only is AC prep important for the sake of staying cool during the hot weather, but also for the sake of home energy efficiency. An air conditioning system that hasn’t been well maintained or that hasn’t been prepared is undoubtedly going to cause your monthly energy bills to spike. Here is how to prepare your home AC systems for spring.

First, want to perform a visual inspection. Before you hit the power button and blast your air conditioner this spring, you want to look closely for any glaring issues. Specifically, you want to check out your outside unit. You may have leaves, twigs and other detritus inside your AC’s outdoor unit. You want to remove this debris, because it could cause your fan to become damaged and it can cause your air conditioning system to work inefficiently.

After you perform a visual inspection, you want to swap out your air conditioner’s filter. This is by far one of the most important preparation steps. The filter is responsible for blocking out all the dust and debris that is floating in the air of your home. For one thing, you don’t want this dust to get sucked into your HVAC system and then back into your air, because that could cause air pollution and it can cause your system to work inefficiently. So, swap out your filter and your entire air conditioning system will work more economically and your home will get the cooling power it needs to beat the heat.

Next, you want to get an official inspection of your entire unit. Ideally, you want to contact a professional company – like Phoenix Air Dynamics Inc. – that specializes in HVAC systems. A professional technician will come to your home and make sure there are no mechanical issues that need to be resolved. The technician will also update any systems that need to be updated, like thermostat software. You will also get your entire air conditioning system tuned up, so that it is more efficient and performs better.

?Lastly, you want to have your ductwork inspected and cleaned out by a professional HVAC technician. You want to clean out the ductwork for the sake of the air quality in your home and for the effectiveness and efficiency of your air conditioning system. Overtime – especially over the course of a dormant winter – your ductwork floors will become covered in soot. The last thing you want is to turn on your system and have all that soot blow throughout your home. This soot contains dirt, dander and number of other harmful particles. In the end, the cleaner your ductwork, the more you will get from your air conditioning system.

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