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6 Interesting Facts About Water Filters


Do you care about your health? Well, you should. Frankly, our water supply isn’t as safe as the authorities make it out to be. Sure, they do try their best to provide us with clean water straight from the tap, but they don’t always manage to deliver.

Remember Flint, Michigan? Yeah… So, you’ll want to install a water filter if you want to stay healthy. With that said, however, there are a few things that nobody seems to tell you about water filters. Let’s see what these are.

1.   There Are Different Types of Water Filters

People who have been researching water filters for a while already know this, but you can rarely (if ever) find someone who is willing to tell this to newbies. For example, you can find charcoal filters, reverse osmosis filters, and UV filters, just to name a few.

In any case, most filters need to be replaced with a proper working cartridge. As you can imagine, cartridges differ from one filter to another. To get the best picture of how this goes, you have to obtain more info about cartridge filters.

2.   A Water Purification Filter Can Greatly Benefit Your Health

So, as stated earlier, there are several types of water filters that you can purchase. With that being said, a few of those filters are called water purifiers. They work slightly differently when compared to regular filtration systems. A water purifier is made in such a way that it removes impurities but keeps beneficial minerals and vitamins. And they have another advantage over most regular filters - they can remove bacteria and viruses.

3.   Water Filters Are Super Easy to Maintain

If you haven’t seen or used a water filter before, it might seem a tad scary. OK, it’s easy to use per se, but what about maintenance? You might think that you have to learn some new skills to replace the cartridge or clean the filter or whatever. However, it’s actually extremely easy. In layman’s terms, all you need to do is pop the old cartridge out and pop the new cartridge in. Yes, just like you used to do on your NES or Sega Genesis. That simple.

4.   Don’t Like the Taste of Tap Water? A Water Filter Improves It!

Yes, filtering out impurities and toxins really improves the taste of water. Filtering out excess minerals like calcium and magnesium (which are the main culprits in hard water stains) can greatly improve the taste of your water. And that’s above the fact that you get far fewer impurities, which can, in turn, improve your health and how you feel.

5.   A Water Filter Might Be Able to Save You Some Money

If you are currently buying bottled water, then you can rapidly save money by investing in a water filter. There are different products on the market and these will offer you cost savings whilst allowing you to enjoy the benefits of perfectly pure H20. And, speaking of that…

6.   Water Filters Are Eco-Friendly

By switching to a water filter instead of purchasing bottled water, you’re using far less plastic than you would otherwise. In this regard, you'll have a cleaner conscience and you’ll even put far less pressure on recycling centers. So, even if you do recycle your plastic or glass bottles, a filter makes far more sense if you truly care about the planet and want to be as green as humanly possible.

The Bottom Line

Water filters help you save the environment, improve the taste of your water, are easy to maintain, and save you a lot of money in the long run. With such an impressive list of benefits, the very few downsides that your particular filter model might have are easily negated.

Furthermore, water filters come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, so you’ll surely find one to suit your needs and your budget. Leave us a comment with your thoughts if you found this article useful!

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