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When Should You Contact a Realtor About Selling Your House?

Selling a house is no easy feat. It’s a process that comes with many steps and can oftentimes be tricky and overwhelming. Luckily, real estate agents exist. These professionals provide guidance and support in a variety of forms. If you’re planning on selling your house in the future, you might be wondering when the best time to contact a Realtor would be. Depending on your situation and your house selling goals, the exact time for when to contact an agent will vary. We’ve broken down a few scenarios to help you decide when you should contact a Realtor about selling your house

You’re in a Hurry

Regardless of the reason why you need to sell your house quickly, hiring a real estate agent at the right moment is going to help you move through the process speedily. Hire a real estate agent about 1-4 weeks prior to when you plan on selling your house; the sooner the better! Agents will have a lot of tools up their sleeves, including a database of buyers and special tactics used to help your home off the market in the least amount of time possible. 

Your Home Needs Updating

If your home is outdated or has code violations, you’ll want to take care of them before you list your home on the market. Depending on the extent of the repairs that need to be made, the time of which you’ll want to hire a real estate agent will vary. If your home is good to go and just needs to be cleaned, call an agent 1-4 weeks before you plan to sell. If your home needs some minor repairs, like some fresh paint or landscaping fixes, call one 6-8 weeks before you want to sell. Assuming your home needs some major updates, you’ll want to call one 12 or more weeks prior to selling in order to give you and them some extra time to make decisions.   

You’re New to the Process

First time selling a home? Hire a Realtor right away. There are a lot of components that come along with real estate, and you’ll want to get started with the best foot forward. Between the moment of solidifying your decision to sell your home and finally closing, you’ll want someone there who can answer your questions and help you out. These people are professionals, and they exist to help you meet your goals with ease. Contact a Realtor 12+ weeks out from when you plan on selling your house.

You Want to Sell For the Most Money

If you’re selling your home and want to sell for the best price possible, you’re going to want to put some work and planning into the process. Hiring a realtor 12 or more weeks prior to when you want to sell can give you the upper hand. You will have time to determine what updates need to be made, what type of staging is going to work best, and how to create the best possible marketing plan. They will also assist you with creating an asking price that is feasible and realistic, but that is also higher than what you originally bought your home for.

When it comes to selling a home, everyone has a different goal and reason in mind. When to contact a Realtor depends on your timelines and situations. While some people might need the help of a professional right away, others can hold off for a few weeks. Determine your goals and needs and go from there.

When To Contact a Realtor to Sell Your House
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