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A Guide To Choosing The Best Type Of AC For Your Home

Air conditioning is generally seen as essential if you live in warmer climes. After all, the hotter it gets the harder it can be to focus or even feel alert. Air conditioning doesn’t have to make a space freezing, it can merely take the outside temperature down a few degrees.

However, before you rush out to purchase a new air conditioning unit you should check out the latest industrial air conditioning and understand the different types available. This will help to ensure you have the best product fitted to your home.

Central Air Conditioners

This is the best option if you are planning on cooling multiple rooms in your home. You will need to have ducts installed in your home. In most cases, this will be inside roof spaces and the walls. But, if necessary, they can be fitted onto the walls.

The main unit is situated outside your house, meaning you won’t have any noise in your home. You can then select which rooms to cool and the unit will pump cool air into your home via the ducts while extracting the warm air.

This is the most efficient system but also the most expensive to run.

Ductless Units

These work in a similar way. An outside unit cools the air and the inside unit has a motor that pulls the cool air in and pushes the warm air out. The outside unit is usually mounted on the wall and connected directly to the inside unit.

Of course, this type of AC unit only cools one area of your home.

Window Units

Window air conditioners are actually very effective at cooling one room in your home. They literally fit to a window or you can make a hole in the wall for the vent. The unit will do all the work of cooling and extracting. However, all the components are in the unit making this a sightly louder option.

The Portable Option

This is usually the cheapest option. It is an air conditioner on wheels, allowing you to move it from one room to another. However, it pumps the warm air out of a vent. That means to ensure it is effective you need to position the air conditioner exit pipes through a window.

Instead of leaving the window open you can purchase a special fitting that goes in the gap below the window or even in the open window. This allows you to connect the exit pipe to the fitting and put the warm air outside.

It should be noted that these units can be noisy.

Geothermal Air Conditioning

This is a more recent development in the world of air conditioning. It involves running a pipe under the earth around your home. This contains a fluid that is heated or cooled by the soil. You may not realize it but the soil 4-6 feet down stays the same temperature throughout the year. This system can be used to cool your house in the summer and heat it in the winter.  But, it is expensive to install.

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