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Understanding The Latest Home Inspirations Trends And Decorating Ideas

If you are looking at building a home or remodelling your existing one then you are probably interested in the latest home inspiration trends and decorating ideas. However, before you dive into the latest fashions and start redecorating your home, you should spare a minute to consider the following:

Fashion Isn’t Always Best

If you talk to a specialist in custom built homes you’ll quickly discover that the fashion trends change every year. That means if you want to keep up with the latest trends you are going to need to commit to changing your decor every year, if not more often.

You need to ask yourself if this is what you want, or if you simply want to incorporate the latest fashions in your home regardless of how long they are in fashion for.

Open Plan

Open plan houses have always been a popular choice and it doesn’t look like this design feature has any intention of disappearing. Open plan allows you to talk while preparing food and for everyone to feel part of the room.

Open plan makes it easier to decorate in a neutral colour and makes the most of available light to create a feeling of brightness and space.


The minimalist trend is still going strong. It is appealing in that your property will be easy to decorate and maintain. The minimalist approach to life means not having too many ornaments and other obstacles on the surfaces of your home.

It can help your place to look bright but you do need to ensure it also feels homely.

Natural Materials

With an increased environmental awareness there is also an increased interest in natural, sustainable materials. The good news is there are several to choose from although wood remains the favourite option.

The trend is for sustainable or recycled wood which can then be turned into almost anything you want at home.


Another important trend to be aware of is the downlighter. In most cases, downlighters are a great way of spreading even light across a space and they don’t disturb the clean lines of the ceiling. However, it is important to choose the right trend for each section of your home. At present, chandeliers are very popular for dining spaces.

In some cases, the light also needs to be adjustable to ensure the right ambience can be created according to the use of the room.

Gold & White

Gold and white have become a popular colour choice in many modern homes. This trend allows you to optimize opulence without going over the top. Just remember to keep the gold elements minimal.

Modern Appliances

The latest appliances are smart-looking and smart connected. This is one of the biggest current trends, linking devices around the home to create a smart home network. It’s worth looking into as it will make your life easier and will make the house more attractive if you ever decide to sell it.

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