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Amazing graffiti ideas to make your backyard attractive

As the summer time approaching you must be looking for ideas to add some fresh look to your backyard. Well you can consider art on the walls. It adds the final touch to your landscape. It adds exciting colors and designs to the walls to compliment your beautiful backyard or patio wall. You can add graffiti on the wall and make your backyard even more attractive, it will add a welcome burst of color and style to the bare exterior walls. You can avail Sydney painting services to get these services done by a professional. You can discuss with them your designs that you would like to see and companies usually give you some designs for inspiration.

Also do get the waterproofing services Sydney provides you definitely do not want to regret if your beautifully painted wall gets ruined by just one splash of water.

Debate with yourself before you decide what you will paint on your wall and whatever you decide to paint make sure it goes well with the patio setup and the rest of the backyard. Or discuss it with a professional before officially starting off the painting project.

Consider a few facts before deciding how you want the walls to look and if it goes with the rest of the setup. Write some words you would like to get strength from. Use colors that will merge or beautifully contrast with patio furniture or garden setup.

Some simple ideas and creativity you can make your own wall painting. Following are a few ideas for inspiration for your backyard wall graffiti.

There is one wonderful trend going on the moss wall graffiti, also called eco-graffiti or green graffiti. It replaces spray paints, marker paints and other such toxic chemicals and it is painted with a paintbrush and a “moss” paint that grows on its own. As the world gets more aware about the environmental changes, the idea of making living and breathing graffiti has become more appealing in the graffiti can also be considered another form  of guerilla gardening.

You can make your own moss paint as home by just mixing 5 ingredients:

  1. A handful of moss
  2. 2 cups of butter milk or a cup of yogurt
  3. 2 cups of water
  4. ½ tablespoon sugar
  5. Corn syrup ( optional)

Blend all these together until it becomes a gel-like paste. You can paint the wall in the design you want and spray water on it weekly to help it grow. 

With this environment friendly and amazing moss paint you can paint your walls however you like it. We can give you a few inspirations to help you decide from, what exactly is it that you want on your walls?

  1.     You can add lettering, any of your favorite words, some every day inspiration or a message for whoever reads it.
  2.     You could add some symmetrical design to your walls or perhaps a geometrical design?
  3.     Also you could make brick stencils. Easy and perfect to bring life the dull wall.
  4.     Little birds painted with some living paint and it will grow too. Does that not sound so satisfying?
  5.     Make maps.
  6.     Or perhaps a blooming tree?
  7.     You could write your initials on the wall.
  8.     Anyone’s up for some quirky concept?

Here you go. Go ahead and make yourself some breathing and living graffiti!

For those who are looking for some inspiration for colorful graffiti. Take your waterproof paints and get to it. Here are some ideas for you.

  1.     If your garden is already colorful enough with flower beds and you are looking for some inspiration for something less colorful and something that will give a symmetrical look to your garden. How about bee-hive graffiti? Or you paint a leafy green design.
  2.     You can paint around the windows on the house wall and brighten it up.
  3.     Some quirky birds flying around, for a lively look.
  4.     A green and blue, a world of jungle would perfectly add into your garden.
  5.     A mysteriously beautiful, a man in the jungle could add more interesting vibe to your garden.
  6.     A landscape. A satisfying and relaxing view of a beautiful world.

Fit your own preference and of course what looks good in the garden. Match your own interest and the vibe of the yard and if you are looking for some cute animal inspiration. You draw cats looking through the fences, or a small rat in its small door in the corner of the fence and a dog art or you could make yourself a nature friendly graffiti to deliver a message to you guests.

Graffiti can not only add to your garden to make it attractive but it can also a representation of you thoughts.

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