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Can Lightings Have Any Impact On An Individual’s Mood?

Well, the answer is yes in many ways. Many people do not consider this factor and choose different lightings for their office and house which impacts them later. It is here in this article where we will tell you how to avoid this mistake.

Many researchers have proved that the amount or the type of lights you choose can all lead to better energy levels. It will always make you happier and puts you in a good mood. On the other hand, if the light is of low level, then it can make you sad or depressed. Low lights can also decrease your focusing power. Especially in offices, low light or dim light can impact your employee’s productivity in the long run. So overall the amount of light can impact your mood, appetite, and concentration.

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Below we will share with you some examples of how lights affect the mood:

  1. Bright lights like LED lights are always better than dim lights. Because we as human beings would never feel happy to enter a room with dim lights, probably we would find it a little scary or unhappy. Our minds would be busy finding some potential danger and we keep ourselves alert. On the other hand, we would very happily enter a room which is illuminated well and this would also alleviate our mood.
  2. When a person sits in a dark room, he would be dull, lethargic, and less productive. The same person when sitting in the room with blue light can feel more energetic. This is because blue lights have short wavelengths which can make you more energetic and productive. This will put you in a good mood too.
  3. Natural lights are very important as it provides you with a sense of well-being. On the other hand, it also gives you vitamin D which is necessary for your body. It is therefore very important to have many windows in the house which can let the natural light enter our room. This will elevate the mood and also make us happier.

Changes in season and weather can also have a significant effect on our state of mind. Just like we feel a little lethargic on a cold or a gloomy day, but when the sun comes out, we feel happier and more optimistic. The winter months are said to be challenging for some people as the lack of sunlight can cause people to feel sad and can trigger seasonal affective disorder (that is a kind of disorder that happens due to changes in seasons).


There are studies and researches which have proved that light has a major role to play with our moods. Whether it is a LED light, blue light or natural sunlight, all are equally important to uplift our mood and make us happy.

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