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Eight Things In Your Home That Can Scare Away Potential Buyers

When you are ready to show a home to buyers, you need to make certain that you have removed all the things that will scare them off. There are eight items listed below that will stop a buyer in their tracks. In fact, just one of these problems could be enough to force a buyer to pass. In most cases, a buyer wants to buy a perfect home, and you need to remove those imperfections as soon as possible.

1. Pests

You should call a Turner Pest Control company to ask about inspections and service. Pest control gets overlooked many times because you may be accustomed to the odd roach here and there. Sugar ants and other pests need to be dealt with as quickly as possible before your showings begin.

2. Odors

You must remove any bad odors in the house to ensure that you guests will come inside. Consider hiring a cleaning service to help rid your home of stuck odors in your carpet. After that, you might think about baking cookies before a showing or lighting some soft and clean scented candles.

3. Rotten Carpentry Work

Rotten carpentry work in just one corner of your house is enough to turn off some buyers. They may wonder what other problems the house has, and they do not want to pay to repair these problems.

4. Chipped Paint

At the very least, you need to touch up paint so that it is not damaged. There are many people who have issues with chipped paint that was never fixed. Additionally, you can use pain to cover up any superficial wall and ceiling stains that may have accumulated over the years.

5. Pressure Washing

Get the exterior of the house pressure washed so that it can look clean and fresh. When you have mildew and gunk on the exterior of the house, everything looks a bit drab. No one wants to buy a drab house.

6. Broken Appliances

You must get your appliances repaired or replaced before the house is sold. If you have broken appliances, the buyer is going to wonder why you have so many issues. Some people may wonder if you have rodents that have eaten through all the wires for the appliances. Others might not want to buy a house that seems to be in such poor condition. Spending a bit of money on repairs will help convince buyers that your house is worth the money.

7. Bad Furnishings

You may live in the nicest house your buyers have seen, but they will be turned off if you have ugly furnishings in the house. It is hard for buyers to imagine what the house will look like when they move in because you have cluttered the house with all your stuff. In fact, your buyers may underestimate how big the house is because you have not organized the house very well. Ask your agent to arrange each room so that it will look clean and uncluttered.

8. Bad Landscaping

If you have an unkempt lawn or shrubs and bushes that you never took care of, you need to clean up the lawn as soon as possible. Buyers will need to spend a lot of money to repair all the bad landscaping around your property, or they may suspect that errant trees and shrubs have damaged the house. If you spend some money to hire a landscaper today, you can bring the lawn back to life before your buyers tour the house.


You should take a look at all the items above to ensure that your home is in good condition. If you have let the house fall into disrepair, you will have a very hard time convincing a buyer to pay full price. Plus, you may need to go back and make these repairs to get a good offer. It is best to call the exterminator, bring in a repairman, and fix the landscaping as soon as possible.

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