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Hiring a Commercial Construction Contractor: 5 Factors to Consider

Hiring a commercial contractor is a big decision. Simply put, that company or individual will be responsible for all of your day-to-day construction decisions, permit applications and scheduling. As such, it is important that when you choose a contractor, they are the perfect fit for you and your project. There are a number of factors to consider when searching for the right commercial construction contractor so read below to get a few helpful tips.

Recommendations & References:
A great place to start when looking for a commercial construction contractor is to ask friends and colleagues. These trusted people can give you honest opinions on their experiences working with a variety of contractors. With this information, you can hopefully narrow down the field of potential contractors who you might pursue. Moreover, your friends and colleagues may be able to offer you advice or help you avoid problems they may have faced with their own projects. Similarly, when you start to narrow down your list of potential contractors, be sure that they have a list of references whom you can contact. It is always important to speak with people who have gone through the experience before in order to get a clear, objective perspective on your upcoming project.

The Bid:
Obviously, reviewing bids on your project can be an important tool in determining who gets the project. But you shouldn’t necessarily always choose the contractor with the lowest bid. As you review the bids, pay close attention to how detailed their proposals are. If a bid is low but offers few specifics on how and where they are saving money, then it may not be in your best interest to choose that contractor. Rather, you want to see a bid that clearly lays out a project’s expenses. And while construction costs are always fluid, the more information you can get ahead of time, the better.

Another factor to consider when choosing a commercial construction contractor is their field of expertise. In theory, a contractor should be well versed in most types of typical construction projects, but be sure to ask what types of projects they have completed in the past. Every building project presents its own unique set of challenges, so be sure the contractor you choose is well-prepared and well-versed before breaking ground on your project.

Similarly, you want to find a contractor who is familiar with the area in which you are building. If a contractor has worked repeatedly in a certain area, they are more likely to be familiar with local regulations, permitting processes and vendors. When your project gets underway, you want to feel confident that your contractor already knows exactly who to talk to and what processes need to begin to ensure a timely construction.

And most importantly, you need to consider how you communicate with your contractor. Before you hire anyone, be sure to sit down with contractors to get a sense of how you can interact and dialog. In a commercial construction project, clear and effective communication can be the difference between an on-time project and a drawn-out process.

As you begin to put together your commercial construction project and search for the right contractor, keep these helpful tips in mind. Always do thorough research and be sure to consult established professionals like those at Varco Pruden Buildings.

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