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How Homeowners Can Reduce Their Need for Air Conditioning in Summer

The summertime can be hot – really hot. Sometimes we don’t even realize how high the temperatures can climb until we’re sitting in our own homes drenched in perspiration and wishing for an ice-cold swimming pool to jump into. Of course, if you have the luxury of an air conditioner, you can put the AC on full blast and manage the climate. However, blasting the AC can be expensive – it can cause your energy bills to spike. Moreover, blasting your air conditioner will add to the over abundance of greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere, which is one of the main contributors to global warming. Here is how homeowners can reduce their need for air conditioning in the summer.

  1. Spend more time outside of the house. It may seem counterintuitive to spend time outdoors during the hot summer, but at least the air conditioning is free at a movie theater, cafe or covered mall. Moreover, you can head to the beach or a nearby body of water to cool off. Simply return home when the heat is a little less intense.
  2. Get UV blocking blinds or curtains. It will also help to install UV blocking blinds and curtains. These blinds and curtains are usually white in color and bounce the UV rays away from your home. Plus, keeping the blinds closed on a particularly hot day will also keep the temperature down. If you don’t want to install brand-new curtains, you could grab a white sheet and place it behind the curtains you already have – it may look a little DIY, but it will definitely help keep things cool.
  3. Use fans. Table fans, ceiling fans, and wall fans – anything with a spinning blade will help circulate the air and keep it cool inside your home. One of the main reasons why it gets so hot inside our homes is because the air isn’t being circulated, so you want use a fan to properly ventilate the air. Plus, the cool breeze created by the fans will feel great against your skin – maybe even better than your air conditioner.
  4. Plant a large tree. Ever thought about adopting a tree? Trees can work wonders if you are trying to reduce the need for air conditioning. For one thing, trees provide shade – simply place the tree on the sunniest side of your home and you’ll cut down the direct UV rays that make your home sizzle. Plus, when wind travels through trees, the air is drastically cooled by the carbon dioxide – it is almost like having a natural air conditioner.
  5. Don’t use your oven and turn off lights. Anything that emits heat will cause the temperature inside your house to rise – it will also cause your dependence on your air conditioner to rise too. Ideally, you want to order take out and refrain from baking cookies or bread – it’s almost the same as turning the furnace on. Moreover, you want to refrain from turning on lights during the day. In the end, if you produce additional heat, your home will be warmer, which will create a heavier reliance on your AC.

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