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Home Construction: 5 Ways to Cut Down on Waste

When you are building or remodeling your home, waste is defined as materials unused and discarded. These materials can include excess wood that gets chucked into the haul bin outside the construction site and other materials used to make the home that simply get sent to a landfill. However, in an era where sustainability isn’t just a fad, but a necessity, it is increasingly becoming more and more important to cut down on some of the surplus materials and waste that we produce. During a home construction, or remodel, the average contractor removes what is equivalent to a whole year’s worth of waste. Isn’t there a better way? Here are five ways to cut down on waste during home construction.

  1. Only purchase what you need to purchase. Many contractors and home builders have it in their heads that the smartest thing to do is to purchase just a little more than what you need to build a home. However, what often keeps happening is that those extra materials become an abundant surplus. That surplus often has to be tossed out, because it has already been used in the construction. So, if you want to save money and materials, make sure that you have an accurate assessment of what you need.
  2. Utilize the waste. There is a good chance that within the waste, there is something you can use in your construction. Many people simply glance at the haul bin and assume that everything inside is not worth using again. However, there could be a wealth of materials you can use. For instance, there may be wood that you can utilize for cabinets, chairs, or maybe even a table. In that haul bin outside the construction site could be something that really makes your home unique.
  3. Never overbuild. Many homebuilders take advantage of excess materials and overbuild, especially when it comes to the main structural frame of the home. Yes, this would make the home impervious, but it is often unnecessary and overkill to go that far overboard. Over building is a huge contributor to material waste when it comes to home building. So, the best option is to build only what you need to build – don’t go overboard. You will not only waste materials, but also money.
  4. Don’t go for cheap materials. When you hire a home builder, like J & J Services, you want a contractor that knows exactly what materials to use – you want a builder that uses the best materials. When it comes down to it, cheaper materials are easier to purchase, thus they produce more waste. So, by purchasing better materials, you will not only reduce waste, but your home will be higher quality.
  5. Recycle excess materials. When it comes down to it, materials are only really wasted if they are discarded and unused after you build your home. However, there are many ways to recycle excess materials, like insulation, wood, and piping. For instance, you can send the materials to a recycling plant, or you can sell the materials second hand. When you build your home, keeping sustainability in mind is incredibly important, especially in this day and age.

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