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How to Make Your Home Fabulous on a Budget

For many people, their homes reflect who they are. That is why, if your house doesn’t look great, chances are you won’t be comfortable living in it. And, if you are feeling this way – it might be a good time to make some changes!

However, many of us hesitate to start any renovating and re-decorating process, fearing that it will come with enormous expenses. But, it doesn’t have to be that way at all! If you do your research, you will be able to make your living space rather luxurious while still staying under the budget.

This article will provide you with some insightful tips to help you achieve everything you have dreamed of without having to spend a fortune.

  1. Trim and molding

These two tactics are the best way to transform a basic looking room into something really attractive and comfy. They will provide you with a visual framework for your living space while taking every little detail into consideration during the process. Trims and molding can come in a few different options:

Crown molding – It is a great method to bring your walls and the ceiling together, making them look very elegant. Without this, rooms tend to have an unfinished and sometimes cheap look, and you certainly want to avoid that. Crown molding is inexpensive and it offers you a lot of options to choose from.

Baseboards – Depending on the height of your ceiling, the height of baseboards is usually between 3-8 inches. If you want to add an extra touch, you can include some decorative detail on top of them.

Chair rails – This piece of molding is thinner than the others and it should be put horizontally to match the height of your chairs, usually at the height of 36 inches.

If you are opting for a more glamorous look, it is advisable to add a few different kinds of molding and trims, such as columns, ceiling beams, ceiling medallions or anything else that suits your taste. However, always make sure that you got proper measurements.

  1. Color psychology

According to color psychology, warm colors such as yellow, orange or red are most commonly perceived as intimate and comfy, while greens and greys can give your rooms a more calm and spacious look. If you want your home to be inviting, you should put great emphasis on the colors.

To achieve that welcoming atmosphere, you can use tan shades as a base to build some more vibrant brighter colors. If you are, on the other hand, a fan of cooler tones, jeweled colors can make your home incredibly luxurious.

  1. Lighting is the key

No matter how much time, effort or money you put into your furniture and walls, you can’t have a proper ambience without good lighting. And this is the part where you are free to experiment. For instance, you can use lampshades to create diffused and soft lighting, or you can install special dimmer switches that will enable you to control the brightness.

In addition, you can use bulbs in different colors to achieve a subtle hue – pink and white color mixed together will give your space an incredible and classy feel.

  1. Accessories

You don’t need to spend a fortune on new furniture – it’s sufficient to choose some interesting accessories to complement it. Adding some oversized plush pillows to your living room will not only attribute to coziness, but will also add some elegance to it as well.

Moreover, window treatments are another great and budget-friendly way to give your home an extravagant feel. When selecting them, you should avoid unlined thin materials or see-through ones, since they often look cheap. Instead, you should go for natural materials such as cotton, silk and linen. If, however, you’re not a huge fan of draperies, try wood blinds or bamboo shades as they are equally appealing.

  1. Landscaping

Now that we’ve covered the interior, we mustn’t forget about your yard. No matter how fabulous your house looks on the inside, your yard is what people will see first, so it is important for it to be well designed, too.

The experts from Paradise Landscaping located in Monument Colorado can transform your yard into a beautiful outdoor space, which will add value to your overall property. Adding features such as decorative boulders, flower gardens, fire pits, retaining walls or custom made waterfalls and ponds can help increase eye appeal and capture everyone’s attention. 

As you can see, there are many creative and affordable ways to make your home classy even when you are on a tight budget. When it comes to design, having a good sense of style is much more important than spending a lot of money. Shopping wisely and having a thought-through plan can help you achieve high-end designs without affecting your family savings.

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