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How To Slash Your Renovation Costs In Half

If you are planning a house renovation in the not too distant future, then you are probably worrying about money. OK, so you have had a quote - but aren’t sure if the total will be anything like that by the end of the project.

You are worried about whether you can afford to do the bathroom and the kitchen this time around. And, you might even be concerned that you won’t be able to move in for months on end, costing you more money spent on paying for two different homes.

Well, if that sound like you, then read on. We’ve pulled together some great money-saving tips for anybody doing renovations. And, if you are worried about overspending, we reckon that with a little discipline, you can save up to 50% of your initial costs. So check it out and see if you can beat that!

Spend more on materials

Although it sounds bizarre, if you spend more on your materials, you will end up spending less. Cheap paint, nuts and bolts, and wood are just not worth buying. They’ll break or won’t give you the finish that you need, which means you’ll pay even more to replace them. So, avoid this unnecessary cost by investing in better working materials. They will last the distance, and will save you money.

Be thrifty

In the old days, they built things to last. In many cases, you can pick up older furniture and fittings for a fraction of the price of buying new. Head out to your local reclamation yard, have a look around and see what you can find. Baths for bathrooms, old railway sleepers for shelves. There’s a lot around if you look hard enough, and it can get you an entirely unique look that you just won’t get in your local home showroom. Try auction houses, too - keep in mind the sort of style that you want and you never know what you could come away with.

Save on tiles

Here’s the thing about tiles - once you get them up or down, they all look the same. That’s regardless of whether you bought them from your local tiler, or they came off a boat after being hand-crafted in Spain. Of course, different styles have different looks - but why pay $200 per yard when you can get something that looks exactly the same for $25? If you have a vast area to cover, you can obviously save an enormous amount of money on your renovation project.

Save on waste

One area that many people forget about is the waste. If you’re gutting a house out, where, exactly, are you going to put all the debris? Your best bet to save on fuel and refuse charges is to get a skip and have it taken away for a small charge. Take a look at these AOT skip bins and see what sort of sizes are available for hire. Not only will it save you some cash, but it will also save you time - and if you’re a good earner, that in itself can be a lot of money.

Hope this has helped - as you can see, renovation doesn’t have to cost a fortune. See how much you can save and let us know how you got on.

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