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Simple Guide To Open Plan Living


Open plan living is catching on right now. If you have space - and the furniture to fill - it can give you a unique and incredible look to your home that is sure to draw admiring glances. If you think you would like to look into an open plan for your home, the read on. Our guide will give you some great tips and tell you all you need to know.


Floor space is key to the perfect open plan home. As each area blends into another, it’s a fantastic look, and it can make the smallest of homes much bigger. Try keeping your floors consistent throughout the space, with the same carpet or texture. Watch out for the kitchen area, though. Obviously, carpets should be avoided, and you will find things far easier to clean if you use tiles or laminate.


While most people go open plan because they want to create space, too much of anything can be a bad thing. You will want to think about breaking each area up a little, to define them and soften the feel of the room. Vast expanses of space can feel a bit cold, so warm things up by using room dividers. You could try wall screens, or even bookshelves or cabinets. Another idea is to hang drapes or even floor-to-ceiling blinds.


If you want the true open plan experience, then you will have to look at changing your stairs. Think about going down the wrap-around stairs route - you may need to take down some walls. It will link your ground floor with your upper floor nicely, and could even give you an opportunity to think about a mezzanine area.

Outside areas

A lot of people don’t realise that you can also link your outside areas into your open plan. For example, a first-floor balcony with a glass balustrade can appear frameless, which, in turn, opens up space to the outside. Combined with glass doors, it helps your home flow from inside to out. If you go down this route, you could even create a garden space that runs from your balcony to indoors. Add a water feature and you will have a stunning open plan top floor with a natural look.


One of the biggest issues of open plan living is where to keep your things. With so much floor space, you are going to have be a bit clever about your cupboards, shelving and storage solutions. If you have a cellar or loft, then it’s ideal - but you still need to have somewhere to keep those things you use regularly. So, think about using your walls wisely - thin standing units can blend in with your decoration, for example. You can also consider grabbing yourself some sofas, easy chairs and footstools with storage inside.

Turning your home open plan can be expensive - especially if you have to go through lots of walls to make it happen. However, it can turn your house from average living space into something far more spectacular. Tempted?

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