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Is your garage big enough?

Garages across the UK have been a conventional size for a number of years. They are rectangular in shape, roughly 3m in width and 5m in length. However, when this size was established over 50 years ago, they were made this size to house the cars of that day. Yet in recent years, cars have become wider and longer, making the garage a redundant space, unable to house many modern day cars.

Now some homeowners have taken the decision to develop their garage into a more usable space, such as a conversion into a secondary living space or additional bedroom, whilst others have used it as the major storage facility for bikes, outside appliances and tools. However, despite there being a reduction in people using their garage for the primary and intended purposes, there is still a demand to put a car in a garage, which bodes the question, why are garages not getting bigger?

According to leading research, just over 30% of people in the UK use their garage to store a car, with around a further 20% wanting to store their car in the garage but are unable to. Common problems include the inability to enter and exit the car once inside, or the failure of their conventional up and over garage door closing.

One of the recent crazes however has been to build a bespoke concrete garage separate from the house. Concrete garages offer superb levels of strength and weather resistance as well as being a valuable long term investment. They can also be erected quickly using a specially designed concrete panel system, designed by specialists such as Dencroft Garages, and can be added to if needed, via the same panel system. As a result, garages can also be higher and feature a wider door which is then able to house the extremely popular 4x4 cars, or the long modern estate cars.

Building a new concrete garage can also have added benefits aside from the large size, with the capability to add in extra space in the roof, or to build a side section which can be used as a workspace or store all those outside appliances which now fill up your small garage.

Other materials, such as brick, can be used to build a new garage, but if you want the ability to perhaps expand in future years, or the added reassurances of greater weather resistance, concrete garages have been proven to be the market leaders. Additional extras including fascias, windows and personnel doors can easily be added through the panel structure and provide your family with a fully useable garage for a magnitude of needs.

If you are fed up of your garage not being large enough and have the space to build a new one, a concrete garage could be the best option available. Cars are going to continue to get larger as the average family size increases, so taking the plunge now could well add value to your home whilst the housing market is low, provide the additional space you require and help to put your car back where it belongs; safe and snug in your garage.

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