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Keep Your Pipes in Top Shape with This Amazing Anti-Scaling Gizmo

It’s no secret that hard water affects millions of Americans throughout the nation. Limescale residue, frizzy hair, dry skin, and much more problems are caused by it.

While water softeners were all the rage a few years back, people have also noticed some flaws in them. They did indeed solve water hardness, but they brought other issues along. You would find high amounts of sodium in the water, making it risky to drink. Your septic system would also stop functioning properly because of this. And the device required maintenance from time to time.

Introducing the water descaler

That’s where the Yarna Water descaler comes in. instead of replacing calcium and magnesium with sodium, it only reshapes their crystals.

Regular calcium and magnesium crystals are big and rough. They stick to surfaces and clog your pipes. You’ll start seeing limescale on all appliances, dishes, faucets, and showerheads. These are the problems that a water descaler can fix in maximum three months depending on the hardness level.

The ultra flat impulse bands send electric impulses which ionize minerals. Copper insulation protects the bands and it allows them to function with any pipe material. Calcium and magnesium crystals get reshaped into soft ions. They no longer stick to surfaces or react with soap and shampoo to form scum. Because of this, you get the full benefits of a water softener without the disadvantages.

How the Yarna water descaler improves your life

A water softener can’t dissolve the already existing limescale. However, a water descaler can. In three months of continuous use, you should start seeing an improvement in pressure and water taste.

You’ll realize that you don’t need to stay as much in the shower as before. Lather forms more easily and you can wash it away quicker. Soap scum no longer sticks to your skin and hair. Dishes come out without those annoying white spots. The same goes for your showerhead, faucet, and shower doors.

But probably the biggest advantage is the prolonged lifespan of your appliances. No more limescale will form on sensitive components. The soft water can double your dishwasher and washing machine’s lifespan. As an estimate, a descaler can save you up to $1000 per year in bills, detergent, clothes, soap, and plumbing.

Easy installation

No plumber or handyman needed when installing the Yarna water descaler. You can do it by yourself in about 15 minutes. And everything you need is included in the box.

First, place the unit on the wall using the included double-sided tape or screws. You can also stick it on the pipe with the included tape.

Then connect one of the bands to the unit and start wrapping around the pipe. Secure it with the included zip ties at each end. Do the same for the second band.

Finally, plug the power adapter into the unit and the power supply into the electrical outlet. That’s it. Now you can start enjoying salt-free, chemical-free softened water.

The bottom line

The only bad things we can say about the unit is that it requires electricity. If the power goes out, it stops. And it might take up to three months for harsh limescale deposits to be eliminated.

Fortunately, everything else is pitch perfect. Reduced costs, higher water pressure, and no more mineral deposits. If you’re interested in this unit, check out the official site. You can read all about their incredible money-back guarantee and the extendable to ten years warranty. We hope you’ll enjoy using the unit as much as we did and that you’ll get the full benefits soon.

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