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Preparing Your Kitchen for Back to School

The back to school stage can often seem daunting and stressful, especially when it comes to all of the preparations. Creating a plan in your mind will really help you to make the back to school period run smoothly, and by altering your home slightly you can ensure this is the case. The kitchen is often the busiest room in any home, especially on a weekday morning with everybody rushing to get ready for school and work, and therefore it’s really beneficial to create a kitchen style that works well for you and your routine. Routines are always altered throughout the back to school period, when you’re trying to find what works best, but following these simple tips will help you to ensure that your kitchen is ready to handle anything the back to school stage may throw its way!

Have a Good Clean

It’s the same in any room in the home, if it’s cluttered, it’s stressful and this is not what you need on that first week back to school. Having a good, thorough clean of your kitchen will help you to sort through any rubbish that has accumulated throughout the summer months, as well as remove any items that don’t belong in the kitchen but have managed to sneak their way in nonetheless. Clearing out your kitchen units of foods that may no longer be in date, as well as disposing of some half eaten items that have been stored in the fridge. Think ‘Tidy kitchen, Tidy mind’ and you’ll be just fine. Having a clean is also a great way of refreshing your mind, as you’re removing all of the dirt and rubbish from your kitchen which will instantly create a fresh, positive atmosphere for you and your family.

Create a Dedicated Lunch Spot

Preparing lunch boxes for one child can be a challenge, however if you have more than one to prepare on a morning, dedicating a section of your kitchen to be your lunch station is essential. This way you’re giving yourself a specific area to prepare the food and store the lunch boxes, which will make things in the kitchen much easier and neater. You can always get your little ones to help by bringing you the food required for that day’s lunch, and this way once you’ve used the food, you can put it straight back and you still have a neat, clean kitchen. You might want to consider what you have close by to your lunchbox station, as items such as a bin, chopping boards and sandwich bags will come in very handy!

Stock up on Everything

The last thing you want on a crazy Monday morning is to find out you’ve forgotten the butter for the sandwiches. Keeping a list of all items you need, marking when you run low and when they need to be replaced is a really good way of keeping things stocked up and preventing you from that dreaded moment of running out! Keeping your cupboards topped up with all items from bread, jam and peanut butter, to snacks that you need to put into the lunch boxes, will simply help you and give you peace of mind, knowing you have just what you need to prepare the lunches and for the morning to run smoothly.

Add Some Character

One of the most exciting parts of back to school is the whole organised, fresh start that gives everyone a new lease of life. Starting a new school year is so much fun for both children and parents, as you get to take on a new year with a fresh mind and positive attitude. Incorporating little organisational features into your kitchen will also really help you to keep that positive attitude, as well as keeping your children organised and interested. Whiteboards are a perfect feature to add to the kitchen. By introducing a whiteboard to your kitchen, you are able to keep a list of foods you may need to buy, reminders for your family and even add motivational quotes for your family to see each morning. Your whiteboard will add character and practicality to your kitchen and it’s a great way to keep everyone connected properly!

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