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Regular Concrete Vs. Decorative Concrete: What's Best For You?

Concrete is a versatile surface material for floors, driveways, walkways, patios, and many other uses in buildings. Concrete can fit any shape, size, and design—all to meet your demands. When designing your concrete, you may choose from various concrete structures.

You can opt for conventional regular concrete or decorative concrete. It is a confusing pick because standard and decorative concrete are both excellent products. First, let's look at what these materials are generally. 

What is a Regular Concrete?

Regular concrete is a simple mix of sand, water, and stone. Many people install these because it has a neat appearance and is unadulterated. Regular concrete does not need additives or reinforcement to improve its strength. 

Using this concrete will give you a gray, plain surface. Regular concrete is a good choice for areas that do not need decorative flooring like your basement, garage, or dog shedding. In other words, the places where people don't take notice. 

What is Decorative Concrete?

Decorative concrete has a different appearance from regular concrete design because of its patterned design and unique shapes. Decorative concrete is also known as stamped concrete. Many times, people often confuse decorative concrete for paved concrete.

Stamped concrete creates a specific pattern in the concrete. It is done by buying or renting a stamp and gently pressing it into concrete. Afterward, you have your final finish. 

Regular concrete Vs. Decorative Concrete: What's Best For You?

For future homeowners who are already planning on building their homes, you are probably wondering which concrete will be beneficial for your building. It isn't a hard decision to make. Keep reading this blog post to select a choice. 

Before choosing, know what you want to excel with the concrete. This way, it aids your selection process. Below are a few things to have in mind before choosing;


If you are going for aesthetics, then decorative concrete is your best pick. Decorative concrete has various imprinted designs and finishing. Decorative concrete designs can imitate wood, tiles, brick, or flagstone. The appearance depends on what look you desire. 

Regular concrete, on the other hand, has a basic gray and smooth appearance. However, you can have different colors too. For ordinary concrete, you can choose between a regular surface or a smooth surface. 

Design choices 

When it comes to regular concrete, this is a limitation. Decorative concrete greatly overshadowed bare concrete with its unlimited myriad of designs. Stamped concrete various designs blend into the general ambiance of your home. Visit here for more inspiration on different design choices.


Both concretes are durable, but if you want longer-lasting concrete, regular concrete is the perfect option. However, standard and decorative concrete are both made from the same material. Decorative concrete is more fragile and susceptible to cracks due to its patterned design. Pressure from objects thrown on can cause deep grooves on its surfaces. 


Significant differences are evident in the installation process. For regular concrete, you can either have a smooth or rough installment on the surface. After which, you leave to dry and solidify. Installing decorative concrete on the hand can be quite a challenge. 

Stencils press the designs into the surface of the concrete. The stencils are what make the design visible on the concrete floor. Colors and additives are added to decorative concrete to enhance the appearance. 


Maintaining both concretes is not tricky, but with your busy schedules, checking on them may be quite a hassle. For convenience, regular concrete is easier to maintain. You don't have to worry about cracked surfaces or holes. Decorative concrete needs proper maintenance and care. It would help if you were conscious of any object falling on them. 


Both decorative and regular concretes are good concrete options. But if you want a little bit extra, the above will guide you to make your best pick.

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