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Signs Your Home Needs A Repair And How To Fix It

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A home is like any other item that you purchase. As it gets older, it might experience some wear and tear. This could be due to bad weather, general living or just signs of old age. But, it’s important that you see the signs as soon as possible and make the fixes that your home needs. If you don’t, the situation could easily worsen. Unnoticed needed repairs on a home often lead to other issues such as high energy bills and depreciation. Here are some of the biggest signs your home is in need of a repair and what you should do to fix it.

Wet Patches On Walls

Depending on where the damp wall is, it can mean either one of two things. If the damp wall is low down in your home or, in the basement, this can point to a flooding issue. This is usually due to a high water table in your back or front yard. Essentially, what happens is that on a flat piece of land water starts to build up. When it does sink into the soil, it stops at the level of the basement. The water pushes against the basement wall causing dampness and on occasion, flooding. If you’re facing this problem, it’s best to contact a landscaper. They should be able to offer you a permeable solution that can be installed underneath your back garden. That way, the water soaks away without damaging your home.

If the damp patch is high up, often near windows, this is due to poor insulation in the room. It is usually fixable by improving the airflow room with a fan, or improving insulation. Obviously, improved insulation is the most costly fix. But, if you shop around online you will find some reasonable prices for triple and double glazing.

It’s important that you do fix a damp wall issue as it can lead to a termite infestation.

Roof Damage

There are plenty of things that can go wrong with the roof of a home. You might have missing tiles, cracking or even a hole in your roof. These problems go unnoticed until the situation has worsened. That’s why, after a bad storm it’s a good idea to get your home inspected by a roofer. They’ll assess any damage there is on the top of your house and arrange any repairs that you might need. Again, a damaged roof can lead to more serious issues such as birds nesting in the attic. They are often quite tricky to get rid of.

While inspecting your roof, you might find a problem with your gutters. This is usually just a blockage caused by fallen leaves, and it’s quite simple to clean out yourself with a brush. You can prevent blockages by cutting back trees hanging over your home before Autumn when the leaves fall.

Boiler Damage

Lastly, you’ll certainly notice a problem with your boiler. A damaged boiler will mean bigger energy costs, so if your energy costs are out of control, you know it needs a fix. By catching a boiler repair early, they’re usually a lot cheaper so watch out for those rising bills.

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