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The Uses of Propane

The Uses of Propane

Energy is money – that's a statement we keep hearing all the time, but what does it mean for the average homeowner in the United States? According to experts and recent studies, our homes are, by far, the largest energy consumers around. Cooling and heating our homes, cooking and other home related activities gobble up more energy than ever. Our homes are growing in size every year (data shows that the average American home is now 10% larger than 20 years ago) and our comfort standards have never been higher - we love our heated pools, we have the AC going 24/7, and those huge TVs don't run on air. All this translates into higher energy bills for homeowners across the country.

There are several energy sources available, but one of the most convenient and efficient is propane. Let's see why propane is the best energy source for your home:

Propane is Widely Available

Luckily, the United States sits comfortably at the top of the list when it comes to natural gas production. Our nation pumps out an awe-inspiring 25.2 trillion cubic ft. of natural gas every year, which is approximately 20 percent of the annual world production. That's a lot of natural gas and most of it is propane. Most of it is used locally, both in the industry and in the residential sectors, but a lot of it is exported to other countries.

Propane Is Clean and Has Multiple Uses

Unlike other fossil fuels like coal and oil, propane is clean. It's safe to say that Propane is the cleaner brother in the Fossil family. Greenhouse gas emissions are minimal, making it ideal for large scale use in both the industrial and the residential sectors. Propane is mixed with other gaseous compounds to make it perfect for residential use, and the combustible mixture produces virtually no soot, low hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide levels. What's more, nitrogen oxides are virtually non-existent and it doesn't promote the production of smog.

Propane has a “cleaner burn” than almost all other fuels available, including ethanol (a type of alcohol), light or heavy petroleum products, but also other types of natural gas – methane or butane. This makes it ideal for multiple uses in your home:

Space Heating

There are a lot of heating units that work on propane. You can choose from hundreds of models of boilers, furnaces, and space heaters, depending on your needs. When compared to electric boilers, propane boilers are far more economical and efficient. They are more sturdy and reliable than their electric counterparts, making them ideal for any home. The same goes for propane powered furnaces – the air is cleaner, healthier, and warmer while the costs are lower than other variants.

Propane can also be used for radiant floor heating. This system heats water which is then pumped underneath your floor, vastly increasing the comfort inside your home during cold winter days.

Water Heating

Heating water can get very expensive and electric heaters are not an option, especially for large amounts. For instance, a tankless propane powered water heater will save you about $250 every year when compared to other water heating options. Similarly, propane is suitable for heating the pool water, which otherwise would be extremely expensive. Getting the water from  50 degrees to 75 degrees can save you thousands of dollars every year if you are using a propane powered water heater.


Even if you are not an avid cook, you should know that propane powered stoves are the best. They allow a better temperature and intensity control than electrical stoves and are more reliable. What's more, the newer propane powered barbecue grills are excellent, even better than the traditional coal grills.

Other Uses

Propane has multiple uses around the house. For instance, propane fireplaces can add a cozy feel to any living room, but can also work as additional heaters. Outdoor fireplaces are also becoming popular and most of them are propane powered. Some homeowners even go for propane powered outdoor lamps and posts, as well as mosquito traps, golf carts, and other small garden tools.

Clean, cheap, efficient and versatile, propane is the ideal energy source around the house. It can be used in almost any setting, making your home a truly comfortable environment. Contact Discount Propane for questions and concerns on the benefits of propane.


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