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Tips for Improving Curb Appeal

Everyone knows the value of getting a strong workout at the gym or on the track several days a week. Take care of your body and it will last. The same concept goes for your home. Take care of your home and not only will it last, but it will increase in value. Follow these tips from the experts on how to assess the condition of your home and increase curb appeal through some basic weekend projects. Grab a pad and pen, walk across the street from your home and take a critical assessment of the exterior. Between landscaping, hardscape and entry, make notes on areas that need attention.

One of the most dramatic impacts to improving curd appeal is updating landscaping. Trim all shrubbery at least one foot below windows and porch areas. Make sure all walkways and stairways are completely clear of overgrown branches and shrubs. Shape the shrubbery into natural forms, following the outline of the house. Trim all lower branches from trees so they are at least ten feet from the ground. Consider adding at least one flower bed by the mailbox and another at the foot of the stairs. Adding color will add interest to the landscaping. The addition of a pot of colorful flowers by the front door is very welcoming.

Consider updating the color of the front door. If the screen door or storm door is dated or in poor condition, either replace or eliminate it. This can really detract from curb appeal. One of the keys to great curb appeal is to make the home as welcoming as possible. Update the porch light fixture and front door hardware. If the house numbers are not clearly visible from the street, update these with large, easy to read numbers.

Finally, check all of the gutters and repair as needed. Consider a fresh coat of paint on the shutters to match the exterior color and compliment the front door. A new welcome mat is always a positive addition. Within a few weekends and trips to the local home improvement store, your home’s curb appeal will have improved dramatically. Maintain the landscaping and your home will be inviting for you, family and friends.

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