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Tips on how to Store your Belongings Safely

So you’ve rented yourself a storage facility at Fort Knox, or your local version of this, and now you actually have to do the work. Moving day is nearing ever so close. Rip the band aid right off or in other words, get it done sooner rather than later. You don’t want to be last minute packing.

Do it Yourself

Nobody likes to pack. Fitting all of your belongings into boxes is a challenge for all. It’s just one of those chores that sooner or later we have to do, some more often than most. Plan and pack yourself. These are your belongings, you need to know where things are. When it comes to the storage unit you need to plan ahead. Leave a space around the perimeter so you can get to the back of the unit. This will also aid with ventilation.

The Unit

If you have soft furnishings that will be living there then you’ll need to protect them from the concrete floors and dust. You can actually purchase covers designed for this. It’s more than likely that your storage provider sells them. Use the height and length of the space but also be practical. You need to get in and out the there. You may actually need to get to your belongings. You must need them otherwise why would you be holding onto them? Obviously this should go without saying; place frequently needed goods near the door.


Health and safety should always come first. Don’t be silly when you are stacking boxes. Heavy objects should be kept close to the floor. You don’t want something falling and being damaged or worse, damaging you.

The Move

This is tip is all about planning before you get into the truck or whatever transportation you will be using. If there's a chance you may require any item you are leaving in storage, pack it into the truck first so it is removed last and will be near the door for easy access. This may include one box which holds; documents, passports, bills, invoices, guarantees and easy to lose items like glasses, keys and remote controls in one box. That way you will know exactly where you can find them. Leave the box near the door of your self-storage unit. Finally, it’s just something that we all have to eventually do. Packing and storing items does not have to be a nightmare. It’s all about being organised and working with the space you have. Take the time to prepare now and thank yourself later. It will save you time in the long run.

Jessica has recently moved into her first home and has been sharing her entire experience via a series of blog posts.

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