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Unique and Fun Ideas for Outdoor Decks

Outdoor timber decks are beautiful spaces that offer many benefits. People who have a small home can benefit from a deck because it's an affordable way to expand your living space. A deck is a great place to have parties and to entertain as well. I love the versatility of decks; anything from grilling food to lounging in a hot tub can be done on a deck, making it very useful. In order to have the deck of your dreams, there are many different design choices to consider.

A Place to Dine

I love to eat outdoors, and timber decks make outdoor dining an even more enjoyable experience. To have a beautiful outdoor dining area, you should make sure to build a deck that is large enough to accommodate a table and some extra seating around the perimeter. Having hardwood benches around the deck allows family and friends to relax and enjoy conversing with one another. The table can be any shape or design you'd like. Let it match the design of your home for an added touch of beauty. Timber decking makes a great choice of decking material, but anything from stone to vinyl would be ideal. To help protect you from the sun, you could have a patio umbrella give you the shade you need. 

A Deck for Any Budget

I know that building a deck may sound like an expensive endeavor, but there are affordable options to choose from. If you're on a budget, but still want a beautiful deck to expand your home, then you should consider building a small deck made with slate tile that has steps composed of gorgeous Brazilian hardwood. You'll save a lot of money by only building a deck that's about 10 feet by 25 feet. This deck is large enough to expand your living space, and you can put a couple of comfortable lounge chairs on it to relax and enjoy the outdoors. Place a couple of potted plants on the edge of the deck to add a touch of green.

Making a Fiery Statement 

Another idea I love is a large deck made from a durable wood composite. With a large deck, you'll have space to sunbathe, relax, and talk with your friends. The extra space will also allow you to have a a fascinating focal point: a fire pit. This will provide beauty to your deck, and a fire pit is a fun way to cook meals in a primitive and exciting way. A fire pit also is a perfect place for friends and family to gather around and keep warm.

A Stylish Hot Tub Paradise

I love to relax in a hot tub and let my troubles melt away. With no space to install a hot tub in an already-crowded house, a deck is a great place to put a hot tub. It lets you relax, and you get to enjoy the sights and sounds of the outdoors. To make the deck stylish, have it built with fir wood, and paint it a striking color such as periwinkle or cobalt blue. A great addition to a deck such as this is a privacy screen. After all, we all want to relax in a hot tub privately. Ideas for privacy screens include unique stucco walls painted an azure blue to match the fir deck. Also, in order to have a nice place to sit, you could have a stunning redwood bench built.

From large decks that greatly expand your home to small decks with a comfortable lounging area, there are many ways to create a unique and beautiful living space.

Jason Adams, has worked in the flooring and decking industry for 13 years and believes timber decking adds that extra x-factor to your home.

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