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Why Storage Beds Are The Ultimate Space Saving Solution

As the housing market continues to improve and banks are slowly starting to lend again, new build homes are cropping up all over the country. Not only are new build homes very modern, but they’re also energy efficient, with the aim of saving the homeowner as much money on their utility bills as possible. Furthermore, new build homes are a blank canvas, and instead of having to move in, strip the walls, and fill gaps in the brickwork like period homes, you can simply just move in. The house is ready to go.

Although new build are becoming increasingly more popular with first time buyers, there is one major disadvantage associated with the property, and that is the lack of storage space available. It’s been reported that many of these new builds are not equipped to handle the amount of possessions that a typical first time buyer has, and although there’s room for your usual home appliances, from televisions and sofas to fridges and study areas, there is a distinct lack of storage space for general things.

Therefore, new build home owners have had to look to alternative solutions to make sure they’re able to pack away everything they bring with them, and one of these solutions is storage beds. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of storage beds, and how they can help you maximise the space in your home.


Once of the best things about storage beds, is that you can’t even tell that it’s a storage bed. Not only do they come in all shapes and sizes, but the finish on some of the higher quality models is spectacular. From solid oak to mahogany, and a number of other types of materials, you can even get your storage made bespoke to your needs.

The quality of your sleep won’t be affected either. Storage beds are made with comfort in mind, and you’ll never be able to tell that you’re sleeping on top of old shoes, blankets, clothes or even heavy duty items. The inner walls as well as the bottom of the mattress floor are extra padded, meaning the things you store inside won’t damage the structure of the bed.

When it comes to storage beds, appearances can also be deceiving, so always make sure you check the amount of storage available inside. The bed might look big, but the amount of available storage verses the value of the bed might not suit your budget.

The Frame

The frame of your storage bed is also another important element that you’ll have to consider with your purchase. Bearing in mind that we spend around a third of our lives sleeping, combined with the amount of time we laze around on our beds, having the wrong frame can really affect the way you sleep.

Some frames even come with extra storage space apart from what’s available inside. Always ask for the specifications of the frame from the store you buy it from, as you could find that other storage beds come with pull out draws and other handy storage options.

David is a fan of all home improvement and enjoys watching TV shows that offer tips and tricks for DIY projects.

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