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Do it Yourself Ductwork

Duct systems are also referred to as ductwork. The ducts are commonly used in heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems to deliver, filter, and refresh air. Ducts are one way of ensuring acceptable indoor air quality as well as meeting residential and/or commercial heating and cooling building code requirements.

The piping/ tubing that is used for duct work can be manufactured from many different materials, including tin, sheet metal, fibreglass, or flexible plastic. Flexible duct work is very popular and can be produced from vinyl-encased insulation, through which a coiled wire is inserted. When designing a new structure the duct is one of the first items to be used. A reliable HVAC systems maintains a building overall functioning.

Galvanised steel is cut and bent to form duct. Steel is the most commonly used material in ductwork, wrapped or lined with thermal insulation, to essentially reduce the heat loss or gain through the duct walls. The water vapour is condensed on the external surface of the duct. The duct carries cooled air. Insulation, specifically a duct liner, helps reduce duct-borne noise. Both types of insulation reduce breakout noise through the duct's sidewalls.

Polyurethane duct board is a more rectangular duct that is manufactured from "duct board". Custom ducts can easily be field fabricated. The duct construction begins and the pieces are shaped, bent, and closed through an act of gluing, pressing and taping. The duct can be installed by using an invisible aluminium flange system literally.

Flexible ducts are known as flex ductworks. They  have a variety of configurations, but for HVAC applications, they are typically flexible plastic over a metal wire coil to make a round duct. A flex duct is useful for attaching supply air outlets to the rigid duct but pressure loss is higher than for most other types of ducts.

Duct testing companies test the pressure of the duct systems either regularly or on an adhoc basis. Industries require this service where a high level of professionalism is required. With so many ductwork options, it is easy to assemble ductwork.

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This article was written by Randy Howard, an electrical engineer who works mainly in the commercial building industry. 

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