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Types of Water Underfloor Heating Systems

The home is a very essential part of a person's life. It is the place where you would want to feel warm, safe and relaxed. Having a warm house is very important especially during winter when it is extremely cold. Statistics have indicated that the most efficient way of heating the house is use of underfloor heating systems. The two major kinds of underfloor heating systems are electric underfloor heating and water underfloor heating.

Water underfloor heating is preferred by many people due to the wide variety of different kinds of sources of heat that can be used to warm the house. A person may use solar power, gas or even electricity to warm the home when using water underfloor heating.

Water UFH Room Packs

Room packs are basically water underfloor heating structures fitted in a box. They are in every way water based underfloor heating, and thus they have no radiator bolt. These types are most suitable for use in new-build extensions. The room pack includes an edge insulation, pump, manifold and pipe. The good thing about the room pack is that it can be used in rooms of different sizes. Installation of the room pack is relatively simple because it has all the fitting and instructions a person may require during installation.

Water Underfloor Heating Pipes

These pipes are made of 16 x 2 multi-layers and have an ultrasonic welded aluminum core. The greatest advantage of underfloor heating pipes is that they are easy to lay in any kind of underfloor circuit used for heating. In addition, they can easily bend and stay in the same shape for a very long time due to the use of aluminium.

Water Underfloor Heating Control Packs

The control packs are for use in the underfloor water heating starter packs. The pack contains a 22millimeter 2 port motorized valve and a thermostat. The 2 port motorized is normally wired in the pack but a person has the option of choosing the type of thermostat they would like or prefer.

Use the System that meets your Requirements

All the various kinds of water underfloor heating systems are designed to meet the various needs of users. Each user is likely to prefer a specific kind due to a specific purpose. The customer is also likely to consider the cost implications of each type. You should therefore not feel like you cannot find one that can meet your unique needs since all the types are different depending on customer needs. Although studies have indicated that water underfloor heating system works better, one should not simply decide the one that they think may meet their needs. It is extremely important to seek the advice of an expert, an installer or a retailer of products, who can advise you on the best water based underfloor heating system that is suitable. This will save you the cost of investing in something that is not suitable and end up wasting time, money and other resources.

Graham Poole is a highly experienced product advisor for underfloor heating solutions, offering installation and product advice.

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