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DIY Home Decorating With Tea Lights

Over the past several years, DIY projects have been all the rage. With the popularization of social networking sites like Pinterest and Facebook, and personal crafting, home decorating and other blogs, tips and tricks that were only known to the pros are now widely available. Whether you love do it yourself decorating because it allows you to have a great looking home on a budget, or simply because it is great way to past the time, it is a great way to incorporate your own designer style into your home.

LED tea lights make a great decorating piece all year long. Because they have LED bulbs, they can be used year after year without the bulbs burning out. Also, the LEDs don’t release as much heat as other types of light bulbs so they are safe to use with paper décor and don’t pose a burning hazard to young children or pets.

Make Your Own Holder

One of the ways that tea lights can be used season after season, without becoming dull and drab is to update the holder where they are kept. If you use glass containers or bowls to showcase these tiny lights, try adding ribbon or seasonal scrapbooking paper to dress them up. As the seasons change, updating the look is simple and inexpensive – allowing you to achieve a great look without having to spend hours researching new techniques or spend tons of money on new tools and supplies.

If you want to go even further with your decorating touches, try incorporating splashes of color throughout the room that will complement your new holder. In a living room or family room, try making a cover for decorative pillows, painting picture frames, or strategically placing a colorful throw. In a kitchen, you might consider putting out a bowl of color coordinated candy or produce. The possibilities are limitless – all it takes is an afternoon and a little bit of creativity.

Build a Centerpiece

If you are interested in doing a project that is a little more involved, try using battery operated tealights in a kitchen or dining room centerpiece. Because these little lights are battery operated, they don’t need to be plugged in or lit with a match. There are even some types of tea lights that have a built in timer so that you can program them to turn on in the evening and turn off during the day. In combination with ribbon, flowers, glass ornaments, or other decorative pieces, your table can look fresh and beautiful all year around.

Create a Pattern

You can even use tea lights to decorate without having to make or build anything. Try placing three tea lights in a row, or in a small circle on a coffee table. Arrange the lights on a window sill or on a fireplace mantle. Even simple touches using lights can look classy and elegant. Not only do LED tea lights add nice soft lighting they are also great to use where real candles aren't allowed.

Whether you have years of experience decorating, or are decorating your new home for the first time, using tea lights is a great idea. Not only are they quite affordable, but they can be used in many different ways throughout the home and during any season of the year.

Courtesy of Battery Operated Candles.

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