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3 Simple Tips to Achieve a Great Property Valuation

There are simple things you can do to increase the value of your property. There is no need to do major renovations to add extra pounds to the property’s value. Here are some tricks you might want to consider.

  1. Focus on the presentation

Asking a surveyor to come over to check the place and do a property valuation is like presenting your work in public. You need to put your best foot forward. The house should be totally cleaned and tidied up. There should be no mess. When the surveyor enters the place, everything should look great.

First impressions last. Even if property surveyors are trained to accurately evaluate the property, its aesthetic appeal could also have an impact on their judgment. Assume that they are potential buyers of the property. You want to showcase the property at its best, so that the buyer won’t have second thoughts about investing their money to buy the place.

Imagine asking a surveyor to come over and them seeing the dirty laundry or the toilet seat is up. It would be disgusting. Even small details like untrimmed edges on your lawn could also have an impact on the judgment of the surveyor. You don’t want this to happen, so preparing in advance helps massively.

  1. Always be truthful

You can never trick a surveyor. In fact, if you lie and hide issues, they will eventually be revealed, and this could even lower your property’s value. For instance, don’t say that you have a neighbour who was able to sell their property at 500,000 pounds, because the surveyor could have evidence of another property nearby which was sold at a price much lower than that you mentioned. The conversation could get awkward very quickly.

Furthermore, if there are repair issues in your house that you intend to deal with in the near future, let the surveyor know. There is no need to hide these problems with temporary cover-ups. They will still be revealed. Surveyors know where to look and what to inspect closely. You won’t fool anyone with lies.

  1. Conduct research

It helps a lot if you know how much other properties in the neighbourhood are worth. This allows you to have a rough estimate of your property’s value. By the time that your valuation report arrives, you should be able to tell if a correct valuation was done, or if there are issues.

When you choose the best chartered surveyors Essex offers, you are guaranteed quality results. The surveyors who will come over have years of experience in the business. You will be given a really accurate and reliable valuation report.

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